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🎶 Dear devoted reader,

I’m aboo – eh nevermind. I wanted to write you a musical letter like the one Rebecca wrote Josh. Then I thought about fitting my sentences into the melody & it seemed like too much work; I’m no Lin Manuel Miranda so let’s just do this the regular way!

Last weeks episode started with Rebecca & Paula (aka the Queen) having a sweet moment while Rebecca kept saying how much she loved Josh. Speak of the devil & he appears to buy a shit-ton of boba (he singlehandedly keeps this stand open right?) and mention that he’ll be volunteering at a summer camp over the weekend.
Valencia and her boxed water (most Valencia thing ever btw) hate that Josh is wasting time at this summer camp and want him to do something more productive.
The B plot centres on Darryl, being bored without his daughter for the weekend and deciding to throw a party so Greg, White Josh & Hector could watch the wrestling match (are they called matches? I have no clue). There’s an amazing EDM song in there about preparing and “having a few people over.”
Once at his house they’re like “where are the babes” so Darryl hires actresses from a party staging company so that the guys think he’s cool. One of the actresses is their high school classmate who Greg had a crush on but surpriiiiiiiiise, she was into Josh!
Greg is scared because Heather told him she like liked him & he needs his space to be a man or whatever so he starts flirting with actress-chick. And in the most interesting development ever, White Josh kisses Darryl on the cheek while they clean up the party, giving birth to possibly the greatest romance on this show.
OKAY back to the A plot! Rebecca decides she MUST follow him to the camp to make him remember her as she was in their summer camp days when they were in love. She makes what I assume is a Donald Trump voice HUUUUUGE donation for the lady in charge to let her be present at the campsite and give a female empowerment seminar. Becks also reveals to Queen P that she plans on reading Josh a letter she wrote him way back when & Paula, rightly, advises against it.
At camp, Josh is pre-occupied with the teens and taking selfies that get lots of likes on Instagram, while Rebecca is immediately picked on by this group of mean girls. She tells him sunset selfies get a lot of LPP’s (likes per pic) to convince him to go up to “blowie point” (nicknamed this way because it’s windy, according to sweet innocent Rebecca) with her.
JOSH LAUGHS AT HER LETTER/SONG, you can see her little heart breaking as she brushes it off and laughs along with him. She runs off to her female empowerment seminar where she totally breaks down, not understanding why Josh doesn’t love her back. The mean girls decide to be nice and give her a pep talk, which leads to a makeover that obviously has a girl-group musical montage about “putting yourself first for him,” “lower back tattoos” & “fake eyelids.”
In a delicious twist, Josh reappears, takes her to a campfire where he tells her how much it means to him that she believes in him so wholeheartedly & redeems himself by asking to keep the letter! THEN THERE IS SO MUCH ANGST AS THEY LAUGH, MAKE INTENSE EYE CONTACT AND MOVE IN FOORRRRR…a kiss on the cheek.
When they get home, Josh stands up to Valencia, Rebecca is on cloud nine because of the cheek kiss that could mean “everything,” Darryl is also super excited about his kiss with WhiJo and Greg pulls an adorable move and admits he’s a dummy to get Heather back.
The ships are in the wrong place but things are in motion so I’m on the edge of my seat with feels and angst!

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