Warning, this is a review for an episode of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes that has been released on the Cartoon Network app but has yet to air on television and contains spoilers of said episode.

Good news fans, this episode finally has a TV air date. We will all be enjoying “Boxman Crashes” on May 26, 2019 at Cartoon Network. We felt this episode offered a lot in terms of future plot development so be sure to watch it and support the show. Several more episodes will be airing so also be looking for those dates as well.

OK KO (Boxman Crashes) (Scene 2)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Professor Venomous has been a popular reoccurring character who is often associated/ appears with Boxman (with many fans shipping them) and many fandom theories circulating about him (particularly about how he shares a voice actor with two other characters) so it was awesome to see him again. The episode “Boxman Crashes” starts off with an obviously bored/ uninterested Professor calling the congress woman (A minor character only seen previously in “Let’s not be Skeletons”) for money under threat of using his doomsday device. Even though she meet his demands, Venomous still doesn’t appear phased by his success as a villain. He decides a drive might rejuvenate his mind but before he can enter his garage, he finds Lord Boxman in his trashcan. For awhile now, fans have been wondering where Lord Boxman went after the events of “Lord Cowboy Darrell” but seeing him now, its clear he has been sleeping in trashcans here and there.

On a whim, Professor Venomous decides to let Boxman stay with him at his luxurious home for the next few days. This is a decision he begins to regret as Boxman makes himself a little to at home. Boxman proceeds to be an unruly house guest by leaving constant messes and disturbing the Professors work with his shenanigans. I didn’t want to spoil these interesting scenes but needless to say they were very funny and worth watching in my opinion. The highlight for me was seeing Professor Venomous in his snake like form since there wasn’t any past indicators of why this was his name other then his skills as a bio-engineer. The Professor tries to remain calm and to find peace with his new environment but that doesn’t last long. The final straw for Venomous was when Boxman, unintentionally, destroys his entire house leaving nothing but ruble.

OK KO (Boxman Crashes) (Scene 3)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

It is at this point that Venomous has had enough of Boxman and is on the verge of severing all ties. Before he can do that, Boxman feels bad for all the trouble he has caused and tells his friend that he wants to make it up to him. If you thought we were going to see Boxman again without an attack on the plaza then you were wrong. Our tinkering evildoer reveals that he has created a present for Fink (Professor Venomous’  henchmen and some speculate his daughter figure) as a way to say thank you for letting him stay. Boxman convinces Venomous to set out and attack the plaza to make him feel better and he agrees. Armed with this new device, the three of them make their way to attack the plaza.

OK KO (Boxman Crashes) (Extra 2)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Audiences were delighted to see the wild Fink riding around on her motorized tricycle against Enid, Rad and K.O.. This battle goes on for a short while until the three manage to destroy the steering wheel/ front wheel sending Fink out of control. She ends up crashing into Boxman and Venomous (who were cheering for her on the side lines) and the resulting collision sends the group flying. Venomous admits that he found the whole experience to be exciting and it reminded him of what he has been missing lately. Feeling drawn to this lifestyle of committing small time villainy, opposed to the large scale he was first seen doing at the beginning of this episode, Professor Venomous proposes a new plan. He tells Boxman that he will buy back Boxmore and the two of them working together will commit to running the company the way they want to. Ending the final scene with K.O. acknowledging this new threat and foreshadowing the new Boxmore role.

I loved this episode so much and I’m sure the majority of the fandom was pleased too. As I said before, this dynamic duo (not including the henchmen) offers so much potential for shipping and fan theories. Despite the vast differences between the two, they manage to get along to the point they enjoy each others company. If you’ve been with the show for a while now you will probable be familiar with all the mystery surrounding Professor Venomous at this point. There is a lot of speculation about his intentions and past (again he shares a certain voice actor with two other characters which sparked these questions to begin with) so the fact that he will start to make more appearances as a Boxmore partner is completely awesome for fans everywhere. These two have also been the subject of major shipping (shipping means that fans want to see two or more characters in a romantic relationship). Enid has already been confirmed to be Bi-sexual  but I would also find it to be nice if more men associated with the LGBTQIA+ are shown in the show as well (as I write this I do believe none have been officially confirmed). On a side note, Ian Jones-Quartey, the creator of the show Ok K.O., is also in a romantic relationship with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar (just a fun little fact I wanted to add for those unaware of this)(They are my favorite couple in entertainment). Once again, we were given an episode that is going to have a drastic impact on the shows future episodes. I found this installment to be excellent as I found it relate-able to anyone who has had a less than ideal roommate. The continuity was ideal too as we see the board of villains and Darrellmore from past episodes so these were details that held up well. This episode is a must see for fans if they want to keep up with future episodes or just want to be entertained with its comedy.

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