Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

If I could dream up a perfect episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, “The Cruise” would be it. Well, I suppose all of them being on the cruise together could’ve been even better, but as I said before, still perfect.

Jake and Amy went on their first trip together as a couple: A cruise! Amy had 76 activities planned, while Jake just wanted to sit by the pool and eat shrimp (so me). But it just so happened that at their very first activity they recognized Horatio Velveteen, cruise performer, as Doug Judy aka the Pontiac Bandit aka Jake’s worst enemy (Craig Robinson)! It turns out, Doug was the one who sent Jake the free tickets, because someone’s trying to kill him. In an effort to keep an eye on his perp (because Jake can’t arrest him on international waters), Jake and Amy invite Doug along to each activity on their itinerary. Doug (and the viewers) got a first hand account at how Jake and Amy’s differing ideas of fun could put a strain on their relationship. In case you need another reason to like the Pontiac Bandit, he clearly ships Peraltiago. After Jake and Amy saved Doug from the man who was trying to kill him, he escaped on a little speed boat, but not before he left his BFF the key to his Royal Suite. Maybe we can thank Doug Judy for this, or maybe just the romantic cruise atmosphere, but Jake and Amy said “I Love You” at the end of the episode. Hopefully this proves this couple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Back at the Nine Nine…

  • Holt’s sister, Debbie (Niecy Nash) visited, and she’s a wacked out drama queen, which caused Holt to drink A LOT of seltzer water. After quite the dramtic build up–on both sides–we found out her husband cheated on her and she really just needed her brother’s support. So he made a fort and they talked it out. Ahh nostalgia.
  • While investigating the death of an old lady, both Rosa and Charles fell in love with her apartment. So they both did their best to suck up to the landlord (a “suck off” as Charles put it), until they found out that HE was the one who killed the old lady, because her place was rent controlled and he wanted to jack up the price. Makes you think back to Monica’s place on Friends, right?
  • Can I just reiterate though, what gold this episode was? The show is at it’s VERY best when the entire ensemble is together, but these groups–Jake/Amy, Holt/Gina/Terry, and Charles/Rosa–are a pretty close second. Here’s hoping next week is just as great!