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BIRDS OF PREY; CAITY LOTZ GUEST STARS — After being accused of murder and having her criminal past exposed, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) goes full Black Siren and teams up with an old criminal acquaintance, Shadow Thief (guest star Carmel Amit), to go on a crime spree around Star City. While Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) aims to bring Laurel in, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) refuses to give up on her friend and tries everything to get through to her, even summoning Sara Lance (guest star Caity Lotz) for help. However, Laurel rebuffs all her efforts, forcing the former friends to face off against each other.  – the CW/Arrow

Arrow opens with Laurel full on black sirening throwing the beatdown on a bunch of thuggy looking dudes while edm dubstep plays in the background. When one of her victims asks who she is she answers with “I’m Black Siren.”

Black Siren is looking for a partner and she found her. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to know this woman or not but I totally don’t recognize her but apparently Laurel knows her from Diaz and she is good with locks.

On the other side Felicity is worried about Laurel and has been trying to contact her with no avail. In the meantime Oliver and her are also on a quest to find Emiko and the Ninth Circle. Looks like Team Arrow has a lot of stuff going on right now. Oh yeah and Felicity is pregnant, don’t forget.

Flashforward, Mia and Zoe are being pursued by some buffed up dude. Dinah wants them to meet at the rendezvous but Mia wants to take this guy down first. She is very much Oliver’s daughter.

In the present Dinah and the SCPD is looking for Laurel to but not to help her but to bring her to justice. Laurel on the other hand is roughing up some dry cleaner and by roughing up I mean he is dead but it was that new chick not Laurel. I guess it was a robbery because they just found some serious coin.

Felicity has found some evidence proving that Emiko killed who Laurel was framed for. That’s great but she did just kill a guy and rob him so Dinah still has to bring her in. Felicity of course is not about that because she is Felicity.

Dig and Oliver are having a classic team up, just the two of them—searching for some Dante, Ninth Circle, Emiko answers. Things get more interesting when the duo run into with a member of the Longbow Hunters. How are they tied to the Ninth Circle?

Felicity finally reaches Laurel and tries to reason with her that she has changed and is good. Laurel shuts her down and warns her not to try and stop her.

In the future, Archer is killing people and the resistance—that’s what I’m calling them now—need to stop Galaxy one and Archer before more innocents and canaries die.

Laurel and her new friend kill some more and do more robbing. Dinah arrives in attempt to stop them. In an unexpected turn of effects Sara Lance arrives to even the playing field. Dinah is just as surprised as I am. Sara tries to reason with her would be sister but that still doesn’t work so the canaries and that other woman break out in a fight. The baddies escape again.

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Laurel’s new friend goes by the name “Shadow Thief.”

Oliver and Diggle interrogate the member of the Longbow Hunter whose name I don’t remember, which leads them to Dante which I think we all assumed. Meanwhile, Sara is salmon laddering in the Arrow cave.

Felicity has found Laurel again but it’s just her and Dinah on it as according to Dinah Sara is not sanctioned to work with SCPD. But it’s a trap!

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A bomb to be exact but they narrowly escaped it. But now Felicity is all like she tried to kill us!?!?” She might be doubting that there is any good left now.

Back at the cave Dinah has changed her mind about not including Sara and apologizes. On the brightside we’ve got a canary team up. The bomb failed and Sara thinks that may have been on purpose. Maybe she hasn’t joined the dark side after all? Though Felicity is really doubting it.

In the future Mia wants to keep fighting, alone or with help. Dinah reasons with her that they need to regroup first before fighting again. The time is not right. Mia isn’t a canary though and doesn’t buy in.

Sara finds Laurel at Quentin’s grave. Sara tells Laurel about all the bad things she’s done hoping to reason with Laurel but that doesn’t work either.

Shadow Thief and Black Siren strike again!

Sara and Dinah are there to try and stop them again. Of course they fight. Laurel handles them easily with a flashbang. So, Felicity comes in to try and reason with her now. Dinah and Sara are up to back her up.

And it works. Laurel calls the deal off and blasts Shadow Thief with her cry. Shadow Thief expected it and a bunch of dudes with guns show up. They fight a bunch while Felicity does some computer stuff with the bomb. The ladies escape as the place blows.

The ladies celebrate in the Arrow cave, so I guess we are all forgetting about how Laurel helped killed some dudes earlier. Never mind this was all an undercover thing to bring Shadow Thief down? And Laurel is going home to Earth-2, time to right all her wrongs, on all earths. Very unexpected. Felicity gives her a going away present of Laurel’s Black Canary suit.

Sara and Laurel share a nice goodbye at Quentin’s grave.

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The episode closes with Mia getting herself in trouble with the metal man chasing her in the beginning. Luckily, Laurel shows up to stop him—super unexpected. So I guess she comes back Earth-1 at some point.

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