Last week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend saw Rebecca going all the loop-de-loops of a water park but within her emotions. Meanwhile Heather kills it in the corporate world.

Let’s start with Rebecca, she’s ready to go back to work but when she shares this with Nathaniel, he reminds her that she resigned and no longer works for Plimpton/Whitefeather. When Becks reminds him that her mother did that while she was drugging her, Nathaniel goes ahead and fires her. Obviously he’s bitter about the breakup but seems like a real shitty way to revert to childhood and treat someone, especially knowing everything she’s going through.

Rebecca’s reaction to this is exacerbated by the fact that she is pumping herself full of hormones in order to produce a viable egg for Darryl’s baby. She’s constantly all over the place, the hormones are really hindering her journey to self-healing. So much so that she didn’t clear this by her doctor & she overreacts a lot.

Rebecca tries to rally the group against Nathaniel with a Whose The New Guy Reprise that’s even more meta than the first time around. Surprisingly, they’re all on board and decide to sue Nathaniel.  The loophole in the initial purchase of the shares made little sense to me, but basically the Plimptons manipulated the laws of the jurisdiction to their benefit and made it so they could go through with the purchase of Darryl’s ex-wife’s shares. See? Confusing eh!

Rebecca meets with the ex (in the hot tub that she bought with Rebecca’s 10 grand from the first season’s scheme) and promises to represent her for free in her noise complaint case against the neighbours’ baby in exchange for the shares back. She agrees and we go to court.

Every time they met up leading to the court date, Rebecca & Nathaniel were so angry and full of hate that their sexual tension was palpable. Finally in court, they launch into their horny angry tango, that is in fact extremely sexy. Blablabla the court rules in Rebecca’s favour and she gets to buy the Whitefeather shares back. Except oops, she has no money and no one at Whitefeather has enough money to buy half the firm back.



When she’s telling this story at therapy, Bert informs her that he’s a bitcoin thousand-aire and that, for the tax break, he wants to give her the money and become a silent partner. She waltzes in all proud, announces to Nathaniel that she is now the senior partner and his boss and that they are to share an office. (I really wanted to make an orifice joke, but I’m classy). They fight some more and really want to bang.

Meanwhile, Kevin nominates Heather for a corporate management training program at Home Base HQ. It’s a program designed to champion diversity, so he spends a very awkward 5 minutes asking her “what she is” & sweating so much he has to take off his shirt, before just handing her the form. Earlier in the episode, Heather was facing a bit of an existential crisis because she finished her adult ed courses and feels like she has no identity again. This job/training thing gives her a chance to try something new and she ends up loving it! She pitches some fantastic ideas and brings some life into the very white very old corporate world of Home Base. At the same time, she misses being on scene at Home Base, so she gets her boss to start an “on-site” program so that she can be at the Home Base in West Covina and affect change in the company. It’s so great to see Heather thriving – and having recently gone from intern to supervisor myself, I like that our lives are mirroring each other.

Having found her new place in life, she is ready to take her relationship with Hector to the next level, and he is feeling ready to move out because he’s seeing his mom become bff’s with Josh and it’s creeping him out. So they move in together (YAY HEACTOR!).

On move in day, 2 weeks later, Darryl and Rebecca are waiting to hear back about the implantation. When they learn it couldn’t be done because the surrogate was already pregnant, Heather volunteers to carry the baby. “My life is pretty together, I have time for a quick favour, it is still just 9 months right?” This is where I want our lives to stop mirroring each other and where I need her to back up and think about this because it is a lot!

Rebecca is also feeling better after this fortnight and so she apologizes to Nathaniel for her behaviour and he apologizes for rubbing his new relationship in her face and for taking her to Raging Waters just to piss Becks off. I don’t have to tell you this, but this new show of adulthood and maturity turns them on and they fuck. Right there. In the office.