The Mindy Project had its midseason finale over a month ago and left us feeling all kinds of angsty feelings! Does Mindy want Leo to move out into her closet and spread his wings? Will Danny ever stop being a jerk? Where will Mindy put all her clothes if the baby is to live in the closet? Will this turn into a Harry Potter under the stairs situation? How long until Mindy and Danny get back together and have the most amazing wedding of all time?

I forgot what I was supposed to be doing here, like I lost my train of thought as I wrote down all these questions. Basically, that finale was not all rainbows and unicorns and now we don’t know anything. Literally, there are zero spoilers. Hotties Producers Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen have given interviews with vague information like “we know what the endgame is but we haven’t broken it down yet” and “I think we come back sometime in February.”

Vague is not good enough! We need concrete details! Like does Mindy Kaling using the hashtag “Danny Is A Widower” jokingly in regards to Mindy Lahiri dying after Kaling stops eating salads in 2016 mean that her brain sees them as married? What does it mean that on Throwback Thursday she posted a picture of Mindy and Danny when they were happy but then instantly posted another picture of Kelly & Ryan from The Office?! Kaling is the ultimate troll when it comes to revealing things about the show and she’s stayed mum and I can’t handle it anymore! We need information, Kaling! Something to tide us over until the back end of the season comes back into our lives!

The Hulu TCA panel is on Saturday, this is where they present their plans for this half of the year and all their projects to advertisers and shareholders or something or other. At the last TCA we learned the season 4 premiere date and press in attendance got to see a sizzle reel of the season. Fingers crossed that Mindy Kaling shows up on Saturday and blows us all away with scoop and news and a script reading (too much to ask? I don’t care tbh!)

Check back in with us soon to see what was revealed at the TCAs and for all the premium The Mindy Project news! If you’re behind on season 4, now is the perfect time to binge watch it on Hulu and share your feelings with us on Twitter!