Spoilers from upcoming episodes of Jane the Virgin are pretty hard to find, but by scouring the interwebs, I was able to find out a little bit about what’s coming up:


Source: HereisGina Instagram

  •           Rita Moreno is coming back as Rogelio’s mother. She is currently wounded and bitter because her ex-husband is now with a man. Rogelio deals with this news very awkwardly (see promo for Chapter 31).
  •          Sparks between Jane and Rafael have officially fizzled because Jane still has feelings for Michael (as demonstrated in her princess fantasy in Chapter 30). But also, Jane is fabulous, so she has several other potential suitors including a tech nerd named Jax (Diego Boneta) and her mentor, Professor Chavez (still a little weary of him since he broke Cookie’s heart on Empire).
  •        While I can’t find any news on Petra and her recent incarceration, I have a feeling she’ll get out with the help of Rafael–which will only strengthen their budding relationship.


Source: Justinbaldoni Instagram

While most of this these spoilers/speculation are not great for Jane/Rafael fans (me), I know I speak for all JTV fans when I say that I cannot WAIT for the show to return on January 25th!