Will and Victor make it to the Amber planet and fly him to the grid. While flying to the planet, they are seen by other people, Vijay’s dad, who try and make contact. But they don’t get through. Then the lightning storm starts, well before it supposed to start. Victor decides to bring Scarecrow outside to the lightning knowing he won’t make it back. Ben then charges Will with telling his family the story of why he won’t be returning. Then Will watches from Jupiter 2’s window as he takes the full brunt of the lightning. He and Scarecrow make amends and a promise. Then he’s gone as Will is knocked out. But he sees Scarecrow’s light and a whole bunch of other lights.

Judy and Penny are sneaking food and other items to their parents and Don. While trying to find a way to get to Robot. Even though they should not be roaming the ship, they still manage to do what they need. Don is trying to cut a hole into the engine room but it’s not going so well. Will is not back on the Resolute. So they are trying to buy time to ensure Will’s safety. Meanwhile, Robot is basically bolted down to the controls on the bridge and they are trying to get him to leave because well there is a hoard of killer robots coming their way. A robot won’t leave no matter how much Hastings tortures him. Hastings thinks that he shouldn’t even still remember Will, but Robot ain’t leaving without his friend and he is resisting. John, using his Navy Seal skills fights his way to Robot and with Don and Maureen’s help they save him from death and Will makes it aboard. Who do they find on the bridge too? Good ole Dr. Smith and no one is buying anything she says.

Now, the plan is to allow the killer robots to board the Resolute and they have a trap set up to stop them and there is no time. The alien ship then lands its ship on the Resolute and boards it with hatred in their hearts. They manage to delay the Robots and they understand that in order to save everyone, they will have to send their kids ahead to Alpha Centauri alone. With Judy at the helm. They are to take the engine and Robot and get to safety. Sacrifice the Resolute in order to get away as well. So the children prepare to leave and say goodbye to their parents with no way to know if they will see each other again. Don then comes around to say his goodbyes and Penny runs to give him a hug because he saved her life. Then the tearful goodbyes of Robinson’s clan bid farewell to their parents. I won’t lie it made me a little teary-eyed myself. They are forever closer. Judy decides she isn’t going because she isn’t a kid. John reminds her that it is her duty to take care of the kids and Penny and Will. She will be Captain. She is also a doctor. John and Judy are so close and it seems he is having the hardest time saying goodbye to her. John and Maureen watch as their whole lives begin a new journey on their own.

Unfortunately, the trap they set didn’t exactly stop the robots it only slowed them way down. If the cables are cut then the robots will break free and attack. Maureen and Dr. Smith are left to try and move the cables themselves. The EMF will crush the metal of her spacesuit if she goes out there. She decides to go anyway. Now, do not ever forget the June Harris is a clever chick. However, her helmet starts cracking and then we see her suit shatter. Well at least the helmet, but her body wasn’t in it and it wasn’t the whole suit. So who really knows what happened. I am not sure if this is significant but they made it a point to show the scarf she had on her head and the blue ball she was carrying ended up on a Jupiter when it was on the Resolute, so she may not be dead at all.

The robots finally make their way to the Jupiter and the leader calls Will’s name. Will tries to negotiate a truce but that doesn’t work out so well and it begins to attack. Then Scarecrow interferes and stops the leader from attacking will and there is a huge ROBOT DEATHMATCH. While they are distracted Judy and the kids make their escape. Scarecrow comes through but not before the leader manages to get a shot off. Judy informs her parents who then try to make sure that their babies getaway. That means crashing the ship. Not without the help of Hastings. He doesn’t hesitate and Maureen proceeds to atomize the Resolute. Well, the plan works and John and Maureen are stuck on the ship because they can’t make it to the escape pods. But Don comes to the rescue.

The Jupiters scatter and Judy and the kids prepare to jump through the rift and escape to Alpha Centauri. It also seems that the Robots from the Amber planet may no longer be a threat. That doesn’t mean that that is all the robots in existence. And now the worry is how the parents will find their children. Maureen confidently states they will think of something. The separation between parents and children is unknown. With no way to determine when or if they will ever see one another again. There is a problem. The kids think that they made it to Alpha Centauri, but that may not be the case. It seems the radar signal they were following is a ship that was lost almost 20 years ago. The same ship that Judy’s dad was on. It was lost. There is floating in between the destruction of a planet, the Fortuna. Where exactly are they? Are there still people alive on that ship? Will they use this ship now, since there is an engine out on the Jupiter? Who knows. I guess we will find out soon. Netflix will be airing the 3rd and final season of Lost In Space this year.