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In the most adorable cold open ever, Mindy keeps calling Ben over to her house to help with various shenanigans that Leo has gotten himself into, from not letting her cut his nails to putting quarters in weird places.

The nurses are still on strike & it is not going well. Someone used Morgan’s eating eggs to throw at the doctors outside Shulman; Tamra almost blew away she’s lost so much weight, and without Jody to curl Colette’s hair, people think she’s a Hemsworth brother. Ben promises that it will end soon, that they just need to tough it out until the doctors’ final offer on Thursday. We also get a closer look at Morgan’s apartment and learn that he has a picture of Mindy in EVERY room in his house, which is totally creepy.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

You know who else isn’t handling the strike well? Jeremy! Since he was thrust into his  position as managing partner, he seems to always have to deal with everyone’s problems. This strike business has given him alopecia and led him to smoking cigarettes of drugs. The fact that Jeremy might be cool is deeply upsetting to Beverly, understandable given that she has to rethink everything she’s ever believed to be true now.

Jody is super bummed that he doesn’t get to spend Colette’s birthday with her, Jeremy forbade it given that they are on opposite sides of this battle, so he’s trying to order her a cake from her “anonymous brother” before Mindy interrupts, saying that she has to go home and handle a thing with Leo, the nanny, a raisin and no one else. By no one else of course she meant Ben, who is the one to bravely venture up Leo’s nostril and collect this stuck raisin.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

This is where shit gets so good you guys! Ben comes right out and asks Mindy why she can’t do this stuff herself, she is a doctor after all. Mindy spits out some nonsense, prompting Ben to get all smooth and be like “I think these house calls are for you, you like me!” Mindy vehemently denies it, but Ben doesn’t believe her (duh, have you seen him? Who wouldn’t immediately love him?!) so he gets a little close and says “so if I were to kill you right now, you’d hate it” to which Mindy replies that yes indeed she would. SO BEN JUST LEANS IN, and Mindy is soooooooo into it, all heavy breathing and making sex eyes. They make out and Mindy’s hands venture down to Ben’s butt, she says because she lost her balance and needed something to grab on to, but we all know she likes him and that’s her move.

That same night, Morgan is walking like 600 dogs and he just happens to take them by Dr. L’s apartment (because he’s obsessed with her and it’s a little weird) so he sees Ben exiting the building and – for once in his life – jumps to the almost correct assumption that those two are sleeping together.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

The next morning at a nurses meeting, he’s trying reeeeeaaaaally hard to get Ben to confess, but he’s Morgan so he’s failing. Instead, he pulls Colette aside and tells her what he saw; noodles confirms it so she knows that it’s true. They’re super pissed that Ben is always talking about not interacting with the doctors, going as far as telling Colette not to invite her brother to her birthday, while he’s all up in Dr. L.

No time to dwell on this though because we cut to Mindy, in a fabulous pink outfit, ordering 3 slices of pizza in a blender, she’s juicing. As she’s waiting for her order, Bae Ben shows up and orders a slice of veggie. Mindy’s all ew veggies, “the next time you force me to kiss you you can at least have pepperoni breath.” Ben just focuses on the part where she’s still been thinking about the kiss and they talk about some other strike stuff but I’m too distracted by how much I want these two gorgeous people to make out.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

That night, it’s birthday time! Jody secretly sneaks in to Colette’s party and curls her hair so she can finally feel like herself again. As he’s talking about sneaking back out because of the whole doctor vs nurse thing, Colette casually mentions that Mindy and Ben are “knocking clogs.” This upsets Jody whose basically like if she won’t be with me she won’t be with anyone.

Jody runs over to Jeremy’s to tattle about Mindy and Ben but this news really upsets Jeremy who has some kind of heart attack! This show is going to kill him, poor sweet Jeremy and his Thatcher pearls deserve happiness for once! At the hospital, Mindy comes clean and Ben coming over to help with Leo and the kiss, but she doesn’t say that she loves hime, which I’m sure she does. With Jeremy incapacitated and Jody unable to say no to Colette, it falls to Mindy to represent the doctors when they present their offer to the nurses the next day.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

Mindy walks into the “room where it happens” feeling “Hamilton as hell.” First, Dr. Ledreau is all sexist about women and then he scoffs at the idea of this deal being fair. To tug on Mindy’s heartstrings even more, BEN is the nurses representative. He’s ready to sign the deal, even though it’s awful, because the nurses can’t afford to be on strike much longer. However, Mindy texts him in the middle of the thing and tells him all about how the doctors are falling apart, urging him to hold out for something better. This is super nice and adult of her, especially considering Morgan does her laundry and they aren’t speaking, so she has no clean underwear…Choosing to trust her, Ben gets all dramatic and throws the deal in Ledreau’s face.

Mindy goes over to the hospital to tell Jeremy that she didn’t listen to anything he said and that all the doctors are mad at them for ruining the thing – this triggers Jeremy who starts having chest pains again, but at least now we can get him a nurse to fix him.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

At the office the next day, the nurses roll in super excited to not have to talk about Mr. Robot with other unemployed people in Manhattan. Then Jeremy literally rolls in in a wheelchair with an oxygen tube and a grandma style blanket over his lap. Everyone seems to be good now, Mindy even compares Jeremy to an even better Prime Minister than Margaret Thatcher aka Hugh Grant from :Love, Actually” (tbh I’d pay money to see Ed Weeks to the dance!)

Lastly, Mindy’s walking home late at night when she sees Ben standing outside her apartment. She thinks he’s there to thank her for her “selfless act” but he’s like no stop rambling I’m here because I can’t stop thinking about our kiss. Then Mindy does this cute thing where she’s like hmm kiss what kiss I forget and so then he says “maybe I should remind you” AND THEN THEY MAKE OUT FOR SUCH A LONG TIME! Oh yeah also, Morgan and the puppies are watching from across the street.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu


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