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Neighbours – Ramsay Street Round-Up

neighbours elly andrea
Elly is not making the best decisions. As usual. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Episodes 8350-8354.

It was quite an entertaining week on Neighbours in the UK last week. After wrapping up Elly’s trial it was time to move on to a few new story lines, even if we are back at the prison more often than we’re eating hot dinners.

Toadie’s Moving On

Dee demonstrates that she really knows the way to Toadie’s heart by taking him fishing. Not that fishing is inherently romantic – I mean, he used to go fishing with Gary – but if I was trying to win Toadie over I’d either go with fishing or pizza. The fishing works, because later that day Toadie kisses her, and is now coming to terms with the idea of moving on from Sonya and starting a relationship with Dee. It’s cute, I’m into it. I just hope that Dipi and Shane don’t poke their noses in and ruin everything, which they are absolutely gagging to do.

neighbours toadie dee
Toadie and Dee grow closer. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Elly Continues To Make Terrible Decisions

Not content with having made decisions terrible enough to land her with a manslaughter conviction, Elly is still making more terrible decisions now she’s in prison. She realizes that Andrea is somehow plotting to get Hugo back from Toadie, and so she summons Dee to the prison for a visit. Dee has been popping into the prison about once an hour to visit Andrea anyway, so it’s no trouble for her to come back yet again to see Elly, who vaguely hints that Andrea might not be on the level. What on earth is Elly thinking? Surely the best thing for her to do in prison is to keep her head down and attempt to stay on Andrea’s good side, and I’d say that being seen getting a visit from the prison top-dog’s identical twin sister is probably going to draw a little bit of attention. She really isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, is she?

Roxy Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

Roxy is still annoyed that Kyle has ditched their budding relationship in favour of the mysterious girl from the grief group who I still cannot name after two weeks. My brain just will not remember her name. Anyway, Roxy decides the perfect outlet for her annoyance is to yell at a woman grieving over the death of her son. Now that’s not cool, but let’s be honest, she only said what we’ve all been thinking for a while. The notion that Gary has been reincarnated as a pigeon is ridiculous and it’s a very weird way to grieve for someone, but hey, grief does some odd things to people and who is Roxy to say what’s an acceptable way to cope with loss? I didn’t enjoy seeing Sheila get upset but, “I hear your son is a bird now,” was by far my favourite line of the week.

Susan’s on the Edge

Susan has been teetering on the edge for a while and she finally loses it on several occasions, but she chooses the worst possible times to do it. Firstly she gives Mackenzie the hairdryer treatment when Mackenzie tries to speak to her about her surgery, right in front of Claudia. So Claudia and Sam go into the mediation with extra ammunition, which they use to try to provoke Susan. I’ve never been to court or had a mediation before, but I can imagine that flipping your lid at the person you’re in mediation with is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. But Susan lets rip at Claudia right in the middle of the hearing about where baby Aster should live and so, predictably, the judge rules in Claudia’s favour. Incidentally, I really feel like Toadie and the Kennedy’s should have made more of the whole ‘Claudia abandoning her son to Colombian kidnappers’ episode, but what do I know about parenting or family law?

neighbours mackenzie susan
Susan loses it at Mackenzie. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Murder Island

Pierce and Chloe have put the island up for sale, and so far have had two offers – one from people who run extreme escape room experiences and the other one from the mother of a murderer. Let’s not forget that Finn shot a man dead with a bow and arrow, chucked someone down an old mine, clonked someone on the head with a rock and then pushed him out to sea in a leaky boat, and then set fire to the whole island with a load of people still on it. Bearing that in mind, Claudia’s bright idea for the island is to turn it into some sort of terrifying, haunted summer camp for children who, if they’re not traumatized to start with, will certainly be traumatized once they’ve been forced to sleep in a tent on Murder Island. And everyone just sort of nodded and went, “Yeah, sounds great.”

Does it?

“What’s that, little Billy? You’re frightened there might be a crazed murderer on the island? Don’t be silly! That only happened that one time, and he can’t hurt you any more because he drowned in the grave he was digging for his next victim. Anyway, sleep well!”

It’s just not a good idea.


  1. Love your summaries 💕 did you write about the last two weeks as well? I can’t find them.

    1. Thanks for the kind words ❤️ Sadly, I had a sudden bereavement in the family so I haven’t written anything for a couple of weeks. I’ll hopefully be back soon.

      1. I am very sorry to hear that and send my condolences to you and your family. Best wishes

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