In When Mindy Met Danny, we were hit with a bombshell ending. Mindy measured her closet to see if Leo’s crib fit (it did) and removed the For Sale sign from her apartment window. Since the writers are still on hiatus and we have no spoilers to go off of, I thought I would break some potential stories for them!

  1. We find out that Danny’s evil & conservative twin brother actually came back from California instead of him, leaving Mindy to go to LA & enlist Casey’s help in locating the real Danny. In the B plot, Annette and Sonu both think Mindy asked them to babysit Leo so they start off arguing over who gets to do it, decide they’ll co-babysit & finally bond and become best friends. Dot probably shows up at some point and gets jealous.
  2. Danny has a sliding doors dream in black and white where Mindy is a 50′s housewife and finds himself bored with the scenario real fast, realizing he wants to be the one that’s home with Leo and that what he loves most about Mindy is how she sticks up for herself and is confident in her skills as a doctor. Back in present time, Mindy is wondering why Danny has been sleeping and talking to himself for so long and starts live-tweeting her experience. She goes viral and maybe lands a book or development deal.
  3. Mindy gives Danny an ultimatum and he’s so damaged about his time with Christina that he lets her go. She moves back into her apartment and turns her closet into a nursery. He drops Leo off one day to see she’s having a hard time building the new crib and decides to stay and help out. They reminisce about the time he helped build a bunk bed for Riley. We find out Gwen moved to Russia and that’s why we never see her. Danny makes heart eyes at Mindy and they have protected sex on the kitchen floor. The next morning they finally talk through all their issues and decide to go to therapy. In the B plot, Colette runs into Mindy’s friend Maggie, once again in a wheelchair because she broke her other femur, and hits on her while Maggie is oblivious to all of it.
  4. Ray shows up to remind Mindy and Danny that the brownstone in harlem exists and is ready for move-in. They decide to sell it and pocket the profits and on the day before the open house, Mindy goes back to get a pair of shoes she left behind. Once there she runs into Danny who remembered her shoes and wanted to ship them back to her. They have sex on the closet floor and get back together. What? This is the plot of Sex And The City? I don’t care leave me alone!
  5. Mindy wakes up the morning after 4A to see Danny has been awake next to her for hours. He has written a speech to make sure everything he wants to say to her gets across. She starts reading and we get a Messina voice-over over scenes from his troubled childhood and explosive first marriage. He says he knows his issues need to be worked out and finally realized that his and Leo’s situations are different. When she’s done reading, Danny says something along the lines of “I just want you to be happy Min, so you should keep working because you’re a great doctor! And I think I want to try staying at home with Leo and cutting back my hours for a while.” There is no B plot because they spend the rest of the episode in periods of makeup sex and conversation and more makeup sex and more conversation. The episode ends on a window fadeout, New York is sunny and bright and maybe the sun even winks at us or is wearing sunglasses.

If this doesn’t get me a job as a writer on The Mindy Project I don’t know what will! What are your crazy or not so crazy theories about the rest of season 4? Tell me in the reblogs or on twitter!