After a clunky and disorganized attempt at infiltrating the Pentagon at the height of the Cold War, the team get their hands on a lead directing them to Vandal Savage’s soviet project: Evil Firestorm. Although the heist scene was a little hard to watch, it was a pretty accurate portrayal of the group dynamic of the Legends; too many group members are loose cannons (looking at you, Kendra), and they haven’t pinpointed the whole “teamwork” thing yet. This is by no means a bad thing; it opens the show up and allows the writers to build on it through character growth and plot development. The show has so much potential.

That being said, this week’s episode was not all it could have been. The plotline was intriguing; the team infiltrates Soviet labs and going undercover to sabotage Savage’s bioweapon, Captain Cold is thoroughly entertaining as a Russian charmer, Rip has an emotional confrontation with his former mentor, Kendra and Sara train each other and Firestorm finally works as a team. Each plot is good on its own. But when you mash them all into one episode it becomes overwhelming and a good excuse to throw in half-ass, repetitive plots like the Kendra/Sara dynamic into the mix. Even Game of Thrones, which has a plethora of plotlines, focuses on two or three per episode, LoT would be wise to learn from them.

Criticism aside, this week embraced one of the coolest and most unique aspects of science fiction: Gadgets. The use of automatic translators that attach to the larynx was perfectly explained, executed, and an overall fix to the real issue of language barriers during the Cold War. Martin Stein’s scene were he absorbs the cosmic radiation with his Firestorm abilities offered the same mind-blowingly cool characteristic of sci-fi that reminded fans why they watch the show. Overall, the episode did not disappoint, although felt crammed with all the plotlines.