For those of us who love the show American Gods, it is sad to hear that Starz has canceled the series. We just got done with season three! Why?! Why would you leave us hanging like that, Starz? Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, and the rest of the cast have really brought to life Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name.

If I look at it, it isn’t entirely a surprise. The entire time the series has been being made, there have been complications. The series showrunners at the beginning were Brian Fuller and Michael Green. After season one, they were fired. Jesse Alexander and Neil Gaiman were brought in as showrunners. Unfortunately, Mr. Alexander was sidelined because of delays. For season three, Orlando Jones’s character Mr. Nancy isn’t in the season. Nor was Mousa Kraish’s character, the Jinn. Mr. Kraish took the news in stride whereas Mr. Jones did not. There was more drama than just this blurb of it.

What I don’t understand is how the rating was dropping. American Gods is a great story that is relevant to the times. The world is going insane, our noses are always in the media with the technology we covet and buy. World, Media, and Tech Boy really are the American Gods. I know the Old Gods still call us, or at least they call to me. How this show is losing viewers is just mind-boggling.

There is a strand of hope of finishing watching the book. There is talk of a show event or a TV movie to wrap up the series. I own the book, but I still want to watch the end. Do you know what I mean? I am invested in seeing THESE characters finish the story.

If you like Neil Gaiman’s work, either literary or viewing, you can find another of his books brought to life on Prime. Good Omens is the show starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant. Gaiman is currently working with Netflix on the adaptation of Sandman. That, I absolutely, cannot wait for. They better do a phenomenal job with it.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the series cancellation? Do you watch Good Omens? Are you going to watch Sandman when it hits Netflix? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…