The Legend of Tarzan begins in six months!




The Legend of Tarzan movie release is just six months ahead! Here are some reasons you should already be excited:

1. The Story
The story will be about Tarzan living in London under the name Lord Greystoke or John Clayton III with his wife Jane. Then he must return to the jungle he left behind years ago to investigate the activities that are going on. In the end, he probably needs to save the jungle and the animals living there.

2. The Jungle
The amazing views they show of the jungle. I love how it’s not just a sea of green, but that it looks realistic with all the mist hanging around.

3. The Animals
Now I’m not sure if they used real gorillas (probably not), but they look so real to me.


4. Alexander Skarsgard’s abs.
They’re so good that it is worth mentioning.


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