In the final episode of the re-imagined 90s hit show, Murphy Brown, “Happy New Year,” some of the lingering questions from this season are answered and several characters are seen embarking on new relationships that fans will hope to see evolve in a followup season.

In episode twelve, Murphy’s son Avery uses his newfound free time to seek out a contact in Kabul claiming to have proof that the Pentagon deliberately downplayed the success of the Taliban in Afghanistan as well as the numbers of casualties being reported to the American people. Though Diana is interested in a story she expresses an extreme disinterest in Avery who now has a track record of trashing his own network.

Murphy keeps the entire crew awake at night while Avery is away, calling one after the other to distract herself from her worries about his safety. When he finally checks in wit her he’s found the source and is ready to collect the proof they need to break the story. Back home, Corky speaks about her ambition to interview Vice President Pence in order to question how his personal beliefs about being alone with women affect the career trajectories of his female staff.

As usual, the gang lands at Phil’s where Phyllis tsays she is not having a New Year’s Eve party, which happens to be a D.C. / Phil’s tradition – not to mention it’s the bar’s centennial anniversary. Jim, Pat, and others finally guilt her into it, and the group continues to find distractions as they wait for news of Avery. When he finally reaches out he is at the Afghanistan border waiting for a secret meeting with Murphy’s source, who he interviews on camera successfully.

Murphy and the others attend Phyllis’s New Year’s party to help with the waiting game, and that’s when everyone gets loose and people start to make out! While Pat and Julius (my dude!) start to make delightfully drunk eyes at one another Miles and Diana find some common ground – and then make out! Both scenarios suggest fun relationships and twisted plot lines in a hypothetical coming season, so let’s hope it happens so we can watch the drama unfold.

By the end of the episode we learn that Miguel has been offered a lucrative summer internship, Corky interviews Pence in the men’s bathroom before being removed by the Secret Service, and there is a happy reunion at the end of the show. We close the season with a beloved family tradition played out between mother and son and are reminded that while the show is topical and hard-hitting it is ironically built on a foundation of modern-day family values that would leave Dan Quayle feeling uneasy.

As the eleventh season (or the first depending on your perspective) of Murphy Brown closes there has been some confirmation that the gang at FYI will return, though the details are hazy at best. Show creators have said that the show has not been cancelled, but that the second season hasn’t been scheduled yet though they are otherwise positive that we will see Murphy and the gang again. Keep an eye out for season two and don’t believe any of the garbage the government is telling you! Damn the man! Save the empire! We’re mad as hell, and . . .well. You get the idea.