Do you remember your first ship? The couple that you wanted to be together SO BADLY that it consumed your thoughts? All you could dream about was the day that couple became “canon”. My first ship was Clark and Lana from Smallville. I know, I know, they’re not canon, but I’m sorry, the heart wants what it wants. Ever since Clana ripped my heart into a million pieces, I’ve hated the pain that comes with shipping a couple. But I just can’t help it; I ship a couple on almost every TV show I watch. Actually, it’s kind of a necessary criterion for me. I hate the pain, and I love it. Also, because I’m a masochist, I seem to pick the pair that’s having the hardest time, or may not even end up together. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve quit several shows just because it didn’t look like “my” couple would end up together.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m not using the popular acronym OTP. It’s a soft spot for me because I have a really hard time picking my one true pairing. There are honestly a million that I love and it all depends on whichever show I’m most into at the moment. So, basically all of my couples are my OTPs. Because I’ve obsessed over all of them equally.


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Here’s a popular/important question for all shippers: How do you know if you’re a casual shipper or a total crazy fangirl?

Here are the signs for both:

Casual: *watches show with friends/family* Oh they’re a cute couple. I hope they get together.

Total Crazy Fangirl: *all by yourself in a dark room right in front of your tv/computer screen* OH MY GOD THERE ARE MY BABIES. Please get together please please please. *Searches gifs on Tumblr and watches fan videos for hours at a time*

There is nothing wrong with either kind of shipper. As a crazy fan girl shipper, I’m quite jealous of casual shippers. I wish I didn’t get so emotionally attached to fictional characters, but I do. I’ve laughed with my ships and cried with my ships (mostly cried). Sometimes, we win and my ships become canon. Sometimes we lose and they don’t and I pitch a fit and quit the show. I’m mature.


Source: TGON

Now I’d like to know: Are there others like me out there? Do you like to have a ship on every show? Who are some of your OTPs? Are you a crazy fangirl shipper or a little more casual?