Elliot continues to be held prisoner (in more ways than one!) this week, as Ray demands that he use his skills to fix his black market website. Elliot gives in, but is able to outsmart Ray, making the website publicly available, and thereby leading the police right to Ray’s door. Despite gaining his freedom from Ray, however, there’s an even bigger reveal at the end of the episode. Elliot may be free from Ray, but he’s been in prison all season long. That routine he established? All a part of prison life. And everything we’ve seen so far? Elliot’s way of coping. Leading me to wonder – what is even real???

Elsewhere, Tyrell is still conspicuously absent, and Elliot may have killed him. At least according to our unreliable narrator. Mr. Robot tells Elliot that he did indeed shoot Tyrell, but only to save Elliot. Is it true? It’s all speculation at this point. Tyrell’s wife certainly thinks he’s alive, because she spends the episode seeking out an attorney to file divorce papers, which she delivers to her boyfriend toward the end of the episode.

The bulk of the episode is spent with Angela, who deftly brushes of Dom’s questioning at the top of the hour. She is successful in hacking the FBI for fsociety, but that may be the end of her involvement with the hacking group. Instead, she’s interested in climbing the corporate ladder at ECorp to gain Intel on her father’s death. She is successful in moving to the Risk Management department, but is unable to gain access to the sealed files that she needs.

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