The book is always better than the movie. But when the movie is 90% book-accurate, it makes for a damn good film.

Mockingjay: Part 2 picks up Katniss’ adventures right where we left off; Our team is in District 13, Peeta has just been rescued from the Capitol, and, upon seeing her for the first time, strangles her in a storm of Mutt-induced hatred and fury.

Katniss asks Coin, the official coordinator of the rebellion, for permission to fight on the front lines in the Capitol, this will keep Peeta out of sight and mind, and will use Katniss to her full fighting potential. After being denied, Katniss takes it upon herself to leave Finnick and Annie’s wedding early (this wedding was a bigger deal in the books, in the movie it just sort of, happened, which is a waste of plotline that would’ve brightened the overall atmosphere of the film), and stow away on the first available Capitol-bound hovercraft.



Upon arrival at the Capitol, she is thrown into an A-team of famous fighters including Gale and Finnick. Their job is to film propaganda shots to air, but Katniss and Gale plot to separate from the group and assassinate President Snow. The rest of the film is dedicated to Katniss’ private mission.

From a technical aspect, Mockingjay was, simply put, beautifully done. Every visual detail was imaginative and seamless, not to mention the fact that every little aesthetic detail from the books was somehow translated onto real faces. I mean, look how they handled Tigris;

If this isn’t Oscar-worthy makeup, then I don’t know what is.

The visual appeal is by no means limited to makeup, the amount of detail that went into each victor’s weapon, the filming locations, and the way they handled the white Mutts were all masterfully done.

The acting was on point, as it has been for all of the Hunger Games films, and as it always will be when the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson are involved.

The only really irksome thing about this film is now Finnick’s part was slightly downplayed to make room for more action. Aside from the fact that, in the books, Finnick and Katniss are best friends who share a strong bond, Sam Clafin does well at making him a likeable, friendly character who could’ve lightened up the darkness of the film’s thematic events. The movie would’ve benefitted from more Finnick.

Finally, Mockingjay: Part 2 made me feel. The film was beautifully made and more accurate than predicted. As good as the film is, it is deeply saddening that its release signifies the end of an iconic story that so many are emotionally attached to. From cheering Katniss on in her first games, to having our hearts broken by Finnick, to dreaming dreams of candy-coloured edifices and white roses, Suzanne Collins’ story has impacted our lives. And her characters will stay with fans forever.


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