Doctor Who Season 9 finale!

The Doctor is back home and did the return of Gallifrey live up to the hype? Did the finale live up to our expectation? Well I found his return to Gallifrey and the reaction to The doctor returning was handle very well. However they glossed over the return of  Rassilon. He has been such a big character in the Who history. Seeing him return and being kicked off Gallifrey was disappointing. I wished they did more with him. The return of Clara and how she was brought back for the finale was pretty creative and I didn’t see it coming. I really enjoyed with the concept of how The Doctor and Clara were pushing each other to new heights which lead to  more destructive actions. It was a great reason to give The Doctor a chance to do things out side of his character. Now the ending was great and gave me the feels. I loved the way and location of how they gave both Clara and The Doctor a send off of each other. It was smart while being very emotional and ended on a note of hope. I was happy with the finale but I just wished they spend more time with Rassilon and on Gallifrey. Not as storng as I thought it would be but a fair ending to this season. Looking back at the past episodes it makes sense to have this ending for the season finale.