Hello! I’m Jenn and I will be recapping Penny Dreadful this season! We’re going back to season two for the next couple weeks in preparation for the very exciting new season coming up.

Last season we ended with Vanessa going to a priest and asking about if she was doomed for hell or not basically, and said priest acted very strange and told her even if she was cursed by the devil it was like be kissed by the back hand of god. That still doesn’t sound like a good thing to me?

So we begin this season with presumably right after that scene, as Vanessa is walking away from a church in her normal all black attire down a perfectly clean snowy lane with children’s laughter sounding all around her. I know I tend to stretch the furthest in looking for metaphors in this show but this seems like one to me. At least a visual metaphor.

It is then that we see Madame Kali, who we were reintroduced to as Evelyn Poole late last season. She seemed creepy enough all last season but when she stands in the shadows and starts spouting some strange language at Vanessa that makes her fall over in an almost panic attack, her creepiness is confirmed.

We then leave to catch up with Ethan. Last we saw of him he was about to be arrested by men hired by his American father and unfortunately for them it was a full moon so the Wolfman came by for a visit. We see Ethan wake up covered in blood and not a live body in sight. The entire inn is a complete massacre.

There is still the question if Ethan actually realizes what he is doing completely when he transforms but this scene at the very least seems to verify for him personally, he knows he did it.

It’s quite obvious that since this is such a huge scene of brutality that Ethan has to skip town after this. So he immediately runs to Vanessa and starts to give that requisite heroes speech about doing what’s best and all that.

At this point it’s actually hurting my soul a little bit that he won’t just tell Vanessa what is obviously troubling him. It’s not like she’s not used to this kind of horror in her own life, and besides she’s already made it clear that she will accept him no matter what.

Just as she starts to give her own speech back at him about not giving up, their carriage is attacked by a group of women who look eerily similar to the vamp ladies of last season but different enough. Completely naked and covered in grotesque scars spouting the same kind of language Madame Poole was using against Van at the beginning. The surprising turn happens when Vanessa starts spitting their own words back at them, and it seems to scare one of them enough to invoke a whole retreat.

These new villains seem interesting enough. However since they’ve already murdered the two horses that were pulling the carriage, they are completely unredeemable in my eyes already.

Meanwhile Frankenstein and his monster were currently having a ‘who can be the most insufferable dudebro’ while standing over a dead Brona. The monster clearly won when even the good Doc just rolled his eyes and muttered ‘okay’ as he walked away. They had everything set up and were just waiting for a storm to hit London so they could give the monster his mate.

The one part of this scene I actually loved however, was when the Doc was asking if this would finally be enough penance to earn his peace from his original monster.

“What is Dr. Frankenstein without his creature?” Was the ultimate response, and it was just so true. This man’s’ whole life revolves around the creatures he just can’t stop making.

Back in the Mansion of Monsters Vanessa is seriously freaking the hell out. I don’t think we even saw her this scared when she was getting possessed half of last season. Something Ethan takes note of.

Not surprising whatsoever, Ethan decides to stay there with all of them since she is in danger and he will always protect her even at the cost of his own well being.

Where has Sir Malcolm been all this time? Oh visiting the sites of his dead children. He got a very chilly, and well deserved, reception from his wife. She blames him for destroying their whole family and she isn’t entirely wrong. Mina’s death wasn’t technically his fault. In fact we still don’t know how she got into Dracula’s clutches on this show. However, Peter’s death absolutely was his fault. He was at fault for pure negligence and being a complete bastard if nothing else. I mean he could’ve at least still named that damned mountain after his son.

Frankenstein’s monster, who has now decided he will be Mr. Clare, decides he quite obviously needs a job. He runs across a wax museum, a small time shop trying to compete with Madame Tussauds.

I’m not sure if I’m in the minority here, but wax museums freak me out. Those and porcelain dolls. At least I won’t have to deal with those this season! One giant fear is enough for me thankyouverymuch.

The owner of the museum seems nice enough, at least as nice as you can be when you run a shop of horrors but he is willing to take Mr. Clare on! The wife on the other hand seems like she would be a real fright to deal with. The true bright spot here is the owner’s blind daughter. Maybe the Creature will find love this season?

Now it seems that Ethan’s past gruesome deeds are catching up to him. Scotland Yard have called in a Detective Rusk to investigate the massacre at the inn. He seems just a tad bit too wide eyed to the bigger monster filled picture than I’m quite comfortable with. Stay away from Ethan. He is a precious murder puppy.

I won’t touch on this much, but we flash back to Dr. F as he’s looking over Brona during the day. Dude is straight up creepy. I like the Doctor. He absolutely has his moments of cuteness and he has that whole social awkwardness thing down pat, but when he starts feeling up on Brona while she is literally dead. Muy uncomfortable.

Sir Malcolm and all return back to the Murder Mansion to check in on everyone’s favorite girl.
It is then revealed that she knows exactly what is up with those freaky chicks that attacked. Last season we got the goons from Dracula. This season it seems the actual freakin’ Devil is sending out his witches to capture Vanessa.

We then finally pan away to get our first real look at our villains of the season in their home. We are treated to a slow walkthrough of a creepy gothic mansion that I’m sure pissed off the great Count D. when they obviously bought it out from under him.

The whole time we are getting these wonderfully pandering shots of skull decorations that would make any Hot Topic nerd wet themselves, we are getting treated to spine tingling lullaby by none other than Evelyn Poole.

Where is she singing this tune from? Only the most normal place in the world, a bath full of (presumably virgin) blood! It’s so very Madame Bovary.

We find out that she is the head witch above the four that attacked our heroes. The fact that Vanessa has “Lupus Dei” protecting her and that she was able to speak their language and scare off one of her servants does not put her in a good mood.

In fact, it’s interesting to note that these facts seem to actually scare her a little bit. She wasn’t expecting Vanessa to be so well protected.

She begins the basically required villain monologue before finally slitting the one nameless witch’s throat for her failure. I basically only point this out because I very much want the ring she used to do it.

So we wrap up our first episode of season 2 with more or less a note from the show creator. “Oh you thought no one could ever out act Eva Green? WATCH THIS!” And thus we see an scene with Helen McCrory screaming her heart in a prayer to the devil in one of the craziest scenes so far.

I can’t wait to see these to go up against each other. There won’t be any scenery left after they’re done chewing it all.

Article Submitted by Jenn Lueck