The enlightened and civilized world can agree that shooting Nazis is always a solid move, and the second-to-last episode of Archer: Danger Island, “Comparative Wickedness of Civilized and Unenlightened Peoples”, has this in spades. The jokes are being hurled with as much force and sharp wit as the spears in this action-laden installment. Adam Reed pulls from historical anecdotes for some great gags and no small amount of visual humor. The three parties (Nazis, Mallory and co, Archer and Pam) are all finally in the same place, with explosive results.

Reed leans on a lot of running gag lines, one pulled all the way from Frisky Dingo, to great effect. The constant tapping on the fourth wall has been upgraded to pounding in places, and it’s clear that Archer’s imagination can’t be bothered to explain things now that we’ve arrived at the big action sequence. The series conclusion promises a dangerous temple, packed full of lad-mag adventure tropes, and a final showdown with Chris Parnell’s Fuchs, who now bears more than a passing resemblance to not only homicidal cyborg Barry, but a certain fascist figurehead.

Will fans get a tease of Archer IRL with the season conclusion, or will Danger Island end like any other dreamscape? Whatever Reed throws at us, the bar has been raised with the last few episodes. Hopefully the flight of Danger Island doesn’t run out of fuel before it lands. The potential for surprise twists is high, and knowing Reed, he’ll leave about as much meat on the table as the victorious and apparently hungry cannibals do.


Source: FXX