With the main and “Final” trailer released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few weeks ago, we were finally shown a minor glimpse into the Universe we all know and love, while simultaneously frustrating us with more questions!! Here are 5 questions you probably didn’t know you needed answered but will now be burning in your mind until the movie premieres on December 18th.

1. Mandalorian symbol?
Why was Boba Fett’s famous ‘Mandalorian symbol’ hanging in the tapestries above the entrance Han Solo, Finn and Rey are headed towards in the trailer? Is this a hidden Easter Egg that JJ Abrams has put in there to toy with us? Or does this mean that we will see Bobba Fett in the new film?

2. Who is Rey?
We are introduced to Rey in the newest trailer, who, looks to be scavenging thru the remnants of a Star Destroyer. Is she simply a scavenger who is looking for valuables, or perhaps she is searching for something? and when asked who she is, replies, no one. Does Rey have something to hide, or someone to hide from?


GIF Source: aquarian94.tumblr.com

3. Who is Finn?
Another character introduced at the beginning of the new trailer shows Finn, a storm trooper stating “i was born to do one thing, I’ve got nothing to fight for”. Does this mean he was created? Was he born to be a storm trooper, or perhaps something more? Does he not want to fight for the Empire? and does him wielding a lightsaber mean he will become a Jedi?


GIF Source: darrenhayes.tumblr.com

4. “There were stories about what happened…”
Rey says this to Han Solo who replies “It’s true. All of it. The dark side. The Jedi. They are real”. After 30 + years, have the Jedis faded into a mythology where nobody knows if they are real? Why does it seem like Han Solo is hiding?


GIF Source: TGON

5. What does Kylo Ren stand for?
It’s obvious that Kylo Ren is obsessed with Darth Vader and “finishing what he started” but what is it exactly? Is Kylo taking his name from “The Knights of Ren”? Is there a master to Kylo Ren or is a he a singular Sith?


GIF Source: http://www.ign.com