Last week’s episode mimicked Buffy, this week’s episode was The Doctor’s Wife. While this week’s episode rocked my socks off, I’m having some trouble overlooking what seems to be a trend of not-exactly-original plotlines.


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In this week’s episode, Flynn makes a highly-anticipated appearance after his long absence from the major story arc. We find Flynn kidnapped and trapped in a storage unit wherein hundreds of The Library’s missing artifacts are hidden (along with creepy stalker pictures of our team). His abductor introduces himself as Ray, a man who has no idea who he is.

The two go for milkshakes, and it takes Flynn no time at all to deduce that Ray is the Genuis Loci (Spirit of a designated location)/personification of the Library itself. The Staff of Zarathustra, as mentioned by Flynn, provides its wielder with the knowledge of everything in the world and beyond it. Conveniently, the Staff is missing from the Library, prompting the duo to go on a quest to retrieve it, and bring and end to Ray’s amnesiac state.

Meanwhile, Baird, having been left behind after the Back Door closed unexpectedly after a battle, teams up with Moriarty to find the same Staff, and use the knowledge to bring Prospero down. A lot of things can be said about this scene, although it can’t be said that Baird’s judgment was clouded. She doesn’t trust Moriarty’s loyalty to her, but his disloyalty to Proespero. Which is completely reasonable. Too bad Moriarty’s not.

Baird and the villian’s plotline produced some of the most quotable moments we’ve ever seen on the show, my personal favourite being this piece of Moriarty’s epic sass:

“I’m precisely as charming as I believe I am, to the decimal place.”

Don’t forget Cassandra getting shut down by Baird:

“Do not fan-girl over the arch villain!”

We’ve all heard that one before.



In a third, less important subplot, the three Librarians are sidelined with Jenkins and use Ghost Lights to keep the dying Library (the building) alive. Here we see Jenkins’ true devotion to the Library when he offers to act as the primary source of power if and when the Ghost Lights become insufficient. Eve is so often seen as the Librarians’ Protector, that it’s nice to see Jenkins in a similar role, safeguarding the Library itself. Although, as usual, Jones wanted to abandon Jenkins and save himself from the Library’s collapse. He’s becoming unironically rude and I’m not loving it.

All in all, it was a great episode with comedy in all the right places. Although I hope that in the future the series draws less from the plots of other franchises.