If you’re a Teen Wolf fan, you may have had mixed feelings regarding the final season of the show this year. While there were certainly some elements that made you feel all warm and gooey inside – like when you watched the first season for the first time – there were some pretty outrageous let downs as well. One thing, however, that all Teen Wolf fans can agree on is this: Stiles Stilinski will forever have a special place in our hearts.

And I mean forever. In fact, he’s so amazing that I thought he deserved his own holiday article! Here are the top twelves reasons why Stiles Stilinski is all we want for Christmas this year!

1. Because We Missed Him During the Final Season!



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Seriously, MTV what were you thinking!? I know there were reasons, but going an entire season – not to mention the last season – without seeing Stiles on a regular basis? Unbearable!

2. He’s Not Afraid to Be Himself



If there’s one thing that can be said about Stiles, it’s that he’s not afraid to be himself. No matter what situation he finds himself in, he stays true to who he is. I think everyone could stand to take this particular page out of his book.

3. He’s a Very Giving Kind of Guy


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Presents! All the presents at Christmas! Joking aside, Stiles is a giver. Frankly, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for the people he cares about.

4. He’s Incredibly Smart


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Who doesn’t want a super intelligent friend? Stiles may have a goofy side, but he knows how to hit the books too. If you need something figured out, he’s your guy.

5. He Can Take a Hint


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Okay, so maybe not every hint…but he does pick up on important social cues! In fact, he often reads the people around him better than everyone else. After all, he spotted Lydia as incredibly intelligent and Theo as a manipulative creep right off the bat.

6. He Doesn’t Shy Away From Danger


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Unlike many of his friends, Stiles doesn’t have super human healing abilities. When he gets hurt, he stays hurt. Despite his vulnerability, he never backs down from a fight. He’s always in the thick it, doing his very best to support Team Scott.

7. He’s Not Afraid to Show His Emotions


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Being emotionally open is no easy task, but Stiles is a pro. He wears his emotions on his sleeves and, while it doesn’t always work out for him, he never hides how he’s feeling.

8. He’s a Darn Good Kisser


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Mmmmm. Enough said!

9. He Uses What He’s Got


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Stiles may not have any supernatural powers, but he does know how to utilize what his surroundings have to offer. He thinks quickly on his feet and always makes use of what he has, even if it ain’t much!

10. He Knows How to Be Excited!


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When you have to stop the world from ending about every year, it can be hard to remain positive. Stiles, however, never loses his ability to get excited. From small wins to giant victories, he knows how to celebrate!

11. He’s Got Great Wheels


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Sometimes the wheels are all he has…but most of the time he can get from point A to point B. But seriously, who doesn’t love that jeep? Stiles, you can drive me anywhere.

12. He Stands By His Friends No Matter What


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But above all else, the most admirable quality Stiles Stilinski possesses is his dedication to friendship. Through it all, Stiles is there for the people he loves.