We open to Macy and Harry working together on understanding the science behind the abominations of magic. The scientist in Macy is excited at the idea but the Charmed One in her knows to be afraid. She is called away by Julian. When she goes to see Julian, he gives her a diamond necklace and wants to be exclusive. The sisters are called to a witch in need. She was being chased by demons which they killed in short order. Unfortunately the fact that the demons were killed falls badly on Abigael. 

Harry goes to Jordan for help because he can’t get into the medical facility by himself. He just needs Jordan to be dead. He’s just going to use the Juliette version (where she just went to sleep and tricked everyone), not the real deal. The girls go to see Abigael who lays this mess at their door. Macy and Mel trow it back and only Maggie had the frame of mind to calm people down. Abigael’s right-hand demon, Godrick, goes behind her back and lets Parker out of his cage.

Abigael goes to a woman in Alfie’s ranks and offers her Alfie’s job. The demon agrees to have Abigael’s back until Godrick walks in. Parker is about to start a fight with Abigael only to have to choose to get Maggie and another sister out of there. Mel ended up getting left twice. Once by Parker and once by Abigael when she left her sitting in the prison they were sharing. Harry gets in and gets a chance to look around only for someone to think he’s Dark Harry aka Jimmy.

Source Den of Geek

Both siblings seem to know that their survival is linked to the survival of the Charmed sisters. Parker is helping Macy and Maggie and Abigael went back for Mel only to get caught again. Maggie and Macy take the rest of the invisibility potion and it wears off shortly after Parker shows up to stop the ritual. They were able to get away but Harry and Jordan are in a bit of a tricky situation. Jordan’s part seems even stickier after he comes in front of the witch who cursed his line again while he was sleeping.

What happened while Jordan was sleeping and did he and Harry ever get back? Let me know your guesses in the comments below. If you comment, I will answer. Til next week…