Sam’s ex-wife finally shows up after 5 episodes. She was spying on Gabriel because she found out that he wasn’t in school in Virginia. She then feels the need to confront Annalise and asks her if she killed Sam. Why after all this time? They should have brought her back a long time ago, not in the last season. I think that her character is absolutely pointless. What aspect does she bring, save being an annoyance to everyone including Gabriel but she is here. Annalise also breaks the news to Gabriel who is just as shocked as Annalise that she is in town. Annalise sends him to talk to her.

Frank is still on the search for Laurel and that leads him to her safe deposit box, but the teller can’t give him very much information outside of the fact that she is one of the people who have access to it. Frank leaves with more questions than answers as to where her and Christopher are or were taken. He meets up with Laurel’s dad in jail asking him to tell him where she is. But he is quickly shut down but because of the key, he stops to talk to him. Her dad gives Frank a glimpse into who Laurel really is but does he believe it. Is Laurel really worse than her father?

Annalise is trying to deal with her students, Vivian, and Nate right after she leaves rehab. Tegan is happy that she is back but as usual, Annalise is playing the cleanup woman for everyone’s mess. The client that they have is an 8-year-old boy who doesn’t speak English and Asher and Connor are working the case. They end up calling Tegan to translate for them because she can speak Spanish. Tegan agrees to work with them and that the firm was also taking the case.

Gabriel and Vivian finally reunite and she tries to chew him out about him lying to her about where he was. But Gabriel pushes back because she lied to him about Sam. He feels cheated out of a father because of her. Not only a father but a mother too because she was on drugs and wasn’t there for him as well. He tells her can make his own decisions and that he doesn’t need her help because he never had it in the first place.

The gang is now agonizing about Vivian being in town. But Michaela drops a bomb on them by telling them that Gabriel killed his mom’s boyfriend. So, now they have a little bit of dirt on him. Annalise decides to get Gabriel to get lost. Since he is the reason that Vivian is here and potentially stirring up a bit of trouble. She feels it is best for him to leave and she thinks that he should forgive her and move on with his life. But Gabriel is chomping against the bit. Asher drops the bomb on Annalise about Gabriel’s dastardly deed and thinks that they should use it as ammo.

Nate, who is suspicious of Tegan reports that she is with Vivian. He wants everyone to hate Tegan. But why does he hate Tegan so much? Granted, she is not the most innocent but what has she really done. Annalise is started to become suspicious of Tegan because of Nate and once again Tegan has to defend herself. But I fear that the Tegan issue is far from over. Nate has taken his theory and ran with it.

So not only do they have to worry about the Governor, they have to worry about the FBI, Vivian Maddox, and possibly each other. Annalise plans to set up Vivian using Frank’s help but he flushes that plan down the tubes. Frank tells Annalise about the safety deposit box key and he tells her its Wes’s box and what the contents are which is another nail in their coffin. Frank vows to get the information out there by any means necessary which he does and finds out that Laurel cleared it out 3 days ago. Annalise also learns that Vivian is talking to the FBI so she tells her that Gabriel killed her boyfriend. Vivian also brings up Hannah, Sam’s sister. We remember how much mess she started the last time she was on the show a couple seasons back. Is Hannah the reason that all this is coming down on Annalise?