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After weeks of torture we finally get to find the fate of everyone’s favorite pizza delivery boy Glenn. I was correct about the end result with Glenn, however the process of how it became reality I was very wrong about. I replayed the previous episode a number of times to see if Glenn had enough room to slide under the dumpster and I swore that he didn’t. Maybe he did, maybe they used a different one for the shots I don’t know. The truth is he survived he inched his way under the dumpster, and he killed walkers on all sides of him to create a barrier so he could wait it out, until someone arrived, or the walkers left, or until he came up with another plan.

Luckily for Glenn ‘someone’ helped create a diversion for him. I say ‘someone’ because even though we are led to believe it is Enid, I am not 100% convinced on that, the show left some shadow of doubt. The reasons we could believe it to be Enid include the use of a empty can, as we see them in Enid’s hide out. Enid obviously knows that area and that alleyway very well, as she got on the roof no problem, has the safe house in the apartment right by it and has to know how many walkers are typically in the alley and that something must be wrong.

The main reason I can’t 100% get behind that idea is two fold, one it’s the Walking Dead and they like to throw things out of nowhere, and number two, is if you go back and watch closely the side view of whoever is rolling the can in the alley way you see they are wearing a grey or white top. When we see Enid this episode she is wearing a red top. It is very possible it is something that slipped through all of the Walking Dead’s checks and balances, or it could be that Enid just changes clothes every day? It could also mean it’s someone or another group behind it, I reached out to AMC to see if they would give clarification on it or not.

Glenn wasn’t the only star this episode, we saw more of Enid taking the forefront. Enid is a very strong character, sometimes I wonder if she is as strong or stronger than Aaron. She is smart, she has used diversion tactics from nearly the first day we saw her, remember the egg timer. She is not afraid to run when it’s time, she has a very good understanding of how life is now. She obviously has some short comings which I think makes Aaron the most well rounded Alexandrian, she still has sassy pants attitude, she obviously still shows understandable fear, and her size has to be a negative in the big picture.

I know I have picked on Alexandria a lot lately, but I hate to say it so much of it is justified. This time I question some of the placement of the wall itself. It’s very easy to question it after the tower fell, but if the tower wasn’t in 100% shape, why not build the fence to wrap around the tower? Let’s see the benefits, one you don’t have to worry about it falling inside and into the fence obviously. Two if you are able to you can get into the tower and use it as a 360 lookout from the safety of your own base. Three if you do think it is not going to last or a benefit, you can take it down and use all the materials for other projects all inside the safety of your own walls. Very questionable planning had something to do with the chaos the group now faces.

Ron is a punk kid, he needs to go and the thing is I think he absolutely will go in the mid season finale. I don’t see Abraham, Sasha, Daryl making it back to the group in time to help. I think Eugene was the one who was saying “help” on the radio that Daryl heard. We know that Glenn and Enid are close with the balloons, I however think that they are not going to be in a position to do anything about it and have to sit back and watch. I believe we lose some Alexandrian’s, maybe a lost limb, and then back to months of waiting for the show to return!