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Last weeks CEG had the shows 100 song, breakups, makeups, men sharing their feelings in their underwear, and so much more.

After talking to Josh, Becks started realizing that her relationship with Nathaniel was following the same pattern as the one with Josh, and she felt that it might be getting toxic so she started this episode off doing the right thing, breaking up with Nathaniel.

When Rebecca takes one step forward in her healing process and to correct her patterns, she takes a few steps back because it is hard to change y’all! We all have these hopes and ideas about becoming better people and that’s all good and well in theory but then when push comes to shove, it’s so easy to fall back into old patterns, especially if this whole “new me” thing is rather new.


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So Rebecca volunteers to help Valencia, whose wedding planning business has been seriously derailed by many recent bad press events cough cough Joshbecca’s wedding cough cough. Becks discovers that the bride in this union is cheating on the groom and she cannot stay silent. All Valencia wants and needs is for Rebecca to keep this on the down-low for a hot minute so she can revive her business but Rebecca has none of it and spills the beans.

Guys, the groom knew she was cheating, and she knew he knew, and no one cared. So once again, she does the self-serving thing, and helps no one.

In other news, WiJo & Nathaniel become best buds because they’re both sad and they’ve both recently been dumped and they’re both fit hot dudes. They go to the gym together and read each other so well it’s scary. They end up working off their aggressions by dancing in a local gay bar (overrun by straight women who don’t understand that not every space is for them to commandeer GODDAMMIT STRAIGHT WOMEN GET IT TOGETHER).

We get the gloriousness that is the above musical number. It’s amazing. Go watch it again, you’ll thank me later. It’s so good. They share their feelings, but they take off their pants so they can express themselves better. They also run into Josh at this club, where he is go go dancing for some extra cash.


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The number ends with the three men at the bar, eating their feelings and genuinely sobbing and showing emotion. It’s so rare to see men cry in media that it was such a breath of fresh air to see 3 men be able to have feelings without the show and the camera’s gaze making fun of them. And don’t even get me started on the respectfulness of the female gaze during that whole number.

The C plot focuses on Daryl and his supersperm. Unfortunately his second attempt at conceiving a child also fails, so he joins the office poker game to make some extra cash fast. Ultimately Rebecca straight up agrees to give him an egg, even though hormones injections are a bitch and she’s baaaaaaaarely got a handle on her new diagnosis and her day to day routine.

Now let’s talk about the 100th song. Man I’m so proud of this show! They do so much and they do it so well and they’re always on the bubble despite the fact that as previously mentioned they are incredible.

If you needed proof of this incredibleness, I have it! This show has had 40 episodes and they just reached their 100th song! That’s so much original content to make and boy am I glad that they do it. Gems like The Sexy Getting Ready Song & Let’s Have Intercourse & A Boy Band Made Up Of Four Joshes & After Everything I’ve Done For You (That You Didn’t Ask For) & Women Gotta Stick Together & Period Sex would not have been possible without Crazy Ex-Girlfriends unique voice.


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The 100th song, Without Love You Can Save The World, is all about how love holds us all back from accomplishing the great things we’re meant to accomplish. It wants you to take the passion and energy that go into romantic relationship and focus them elsewhere, like curing leukemia…or something. The whole cast gets to hang out and do this number together which is the most fun!

Lastly, Heather’s whole deal this episode was amazing and I need more of her please and thank you. Lader Hosen!


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