It’s Halloween and the Dunphys’ are back again and determined to take this mischievous holiday to the next level. But will their pranks and horseplay backfire?

While Phil and Claire are getting ready to turn everyone’s life upside down for one day of frolic and whimsy, the Tucker-Pritchetts are working on the remodeling of their kitchen after that unsavory accident.  Meanwhile, Gloria is trying to keep her sanity with houseguests and Alex is double thinking her relationship with Ben.

“The Great Pumpkin” is one of Modern Family’s best Halloween episodes ever. It’s filled with laughter and feeling it really is one of their best episodes to date.

As every fan of Modern Family is aware of Phil and Claire are avid Halloween fans. They have done some of the most off the wall antics when it comes to the spirited holiday. This year is no different except for the fact that the kids are grown and now have lives of their own.  In trying to keep the spirit of Halloween alive, the Dunphys decide to take one last stab at their beloved day/night.  Not only do they one last hoorah for the sake of family but Phil decides to take on a prank war with some unlikely foes.

Then Alex is forced to deal with not only her parent’s shenanigans but has to rethink her relationship with Ben. It seems like their date night will only go in one direction. Meanwhile, older sister Hailey is trying to finally get a direction, let’s just hope she gets the opportunity she thinks she deserves.  Oh, and Luke is a part of a love triangle. Enough said there.

Cam and Mitchel finally think they have hired the man for the job until that ends up blowing up in their face or does it? In a last-ditch hope to get their ill-fated kitchen finished, they have hired none other than the patriarch of the Pritchett family Jay.

Since the kitchen is taking its sweet time to be finished, Cam and Mitchell move in with Jay, Gloria, and Joe. Even though the Modern Family is a close on being a houseguest starts to way in on the relationship between two family members, can it be saved or will it be lost?

With all this going on in this episode it’s no surprise that this will be a fan favorite. What more can Modern Family fans ask for?  You have a giant pumpkin, Wonder Woman, Zombies, and God.  Seriously, what more can one ask for?  The only thing that comes to mind is the next episode of Modern Family, ” Ten Years Later ” which aires on November 1.