The Best of Cisco Ramon

Let’s face it, with his quasi-4th wall breaks, and his pop culture references, Cisco is the Fanboy in us all. Here are 7 times he was way too relatable:

1. What else would a Weather Wizard say?


The only appropriate thing to yell when you’re brandishing a wand.

2. On Hartley, the multi-lingual douchebag:


3. On days when you’re feeling your look:


Hey, when your hair looks good, it looks really good.

4. Laughing at the pain of others:


At least it’s not you out there.

5. Applying movie-logic to everyday life:


Because Grodd happened.

6. Embarrassing yourself in public:


I…Uh..Nevermind, actually…Sorry…Bye.

7. Because “good luck” is so passé:


Say it with Star Wars.

Submitted by Rachel Hall

Author: thegameofnerds

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