GIF Source: TGON

Last week we got a glimpse of what Jake will be like as a husband (or God Husband). And I gotta tell you, whoever ends up being his wife (crossing my fingers that it’s Amy) will be pretty damn lucky. Jake was dedicated to making Sharon—Terry’s wife—feel as comfortable as possible while she was stuck at the precinct in labor. Not only did Jake have to keep Sharon comfortable in a dingy, wifi-free precinct without her husband, but he also had to keep her away from Holt. Why, you ask? Because Holt makes her uncomfortable. Why would Holt make anyone uncomfortable? He’s so warm and welcoming! I know, I know, but he doesn’t exactly know how to treat a pregnant woman. For a while, Jake was successful in keeping the two separated, but when Sharon refused to go to the hospital, Jake needed Holt’s help to get in touch with his ex-fiancé, Frederick (Nick Offerman !!!). The rest of the story is unimportant. Yeah, Sharon had her baby in the hospital, and Terry got there in time, but the most important thing is that Nick Offerman was her doctor, and he had a glorious beard.

Elsewhere around the precinct:
-Gina assisted Jake in keeping Sharon calm at the precinct, even though pregnant women scare her. How brave.
-Amy, Boyle, Scully, and Hitchcock had to file a bunch of police reports with out the use of the Internet. Surprisingly, Scully and Hitchcock were really the only ones that could help, because they worked at the Nine-Nine before the Internet existed. Because they’re dinosaurs.

See you next time, I’m off to go swoon some more over Hero Jake.