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The big case this week for Team Scorpion was a giant rock from outer space. It was a forgettable case, really, but I got a couple of key points. This rock caused problems for a few reasons — 1) It was hurdling towards Earth. Luckily, Happy is a genius and knows her physics, and though you would think that particular problem would be a little more troublesome, Scorpion had the rock safely on the ground before the opening credit sequence. And then came problem 2) The space rock tested positive for foreign, unknown microbes. While Paige excites over the possibility of having discovered alien lifeforms, Toby states that the microbes would likely form a bacterial strain of illness that could wipe out the planet. Yikes. That does sound like a problem.

But not, apparently, as big of as issue as what kind of space rock it is. Toby and Walter spend the reminder of the episode arguing over whether it is an astroid or a meteor. I stopped caring after the first fight.

After that the case kind of got away from it. Nothing about it really grabbed my attention, though I do know that there was some sort of  dispute about what to do with the space rock, involving the US and whatever country they were supposed to have been in (Russia maybe? Eastern European for sure). Cabe isn’t with them, though I didn’t catch why. I mean, it was obviously done as an excuse to leave Cabe back at the garage so that Allie (his new love interest) could stop by — and with some great news! Though Sylvester didn’t win the vote for Mayor of West Aldenea (or whatever position it was that he was running for), the guy who did win turned out to not be such a great guy and he was forced to step down. The position is now being offered to Sly!

And the episode then goes on to prove Sly’s diplomatic power. After the Bad Guys threaten to capture Team Scorpion for… doing something they didn’t want Team Scorpion to do (?), Sly offers to make them a trade, specifically one that will make them very rich. I’m not sure what exactly the deal was, but the Bad Guys apparently liked the sound of being very rich, and apparently took the deal because Team Scorpion makes it home safe and sound!

Great! Now we can talk about the interesting stuff — the Quintis wedding! At the beginning of the episode, we see Happy and Toby mooching off the free stuff all the potential vendors offer them. While Paige, Sylvester, and Walter are doing the heavy lifting (ordering flowers, arranging tables, etc.), Happy and Toby are relaxing in day spas. It was kind of nice to see Happy treating herself and (more or less) shamelessly indulging, because lord knows that girl does not get enough R&R. And I guess all this venue hunting is cute, but something tells me at the end of it all they’ll still end up getting hitched on the roof. Maybe there’s a near death experience in the midst of the wedding and they have to move it, or say their vows in the heat of an intense moment or something.

But anyways, Walter is, of course, completely incompetent when it comes to planning a wedding. He does everything mechanically, which Paige scolds him for. To be fair, his methods would probably be Happy approved, but his does overstep a bit when he informs the happy couple of their extremely low chance of marital success (it was based on national averages). By the end of the episode, though, Walter has made some progress and he finds a song that combines biology and mechanics for their first dance, and it’s an awful song and Paige knows it, but Walter asks her to dance and then she falls to mush and they share an intimate moment just before the credits, reminding audiences that it really doesn’t make any sense that they aren’t already together.