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Sleepy Hollow 3×07 – The Art of War

Sleepy Hollow never disappoints
and this episode was no exception! There was a lot of emotion and a lot feels
to this episode in more ways than one. Jenny is infected with strange energy
from the shard which seems to make her unusually strong but also a target.
Nevins summons a group of Norse berserkers to come after Jenny because they
feed on the energy she now has within her.

Abbie once again finds herself
frustrated and torn between the supernatural world and her personal life and
worries about how it will affect her career. Hopefully she will eventually
realises that she needs to focus on her duties as a witness with Ichabod
because they need to be in this together.


In between all the drama and
Norse monsters, Jenny and Joe kissed! Finally! I was waiting for it to happen
and apparently so did Ichabod! It was a brilliant moment and I hope there’s a
lot more where that came from coming up. But this was meant to be a short lived
pressure. When Jenny’s condition gets worse, they realise the best way to keep
her safe is to lock her up so they can work out what’s going on and how best to
help her. Later on Team Witness go back to find Jenny Ichabod and Abbie share a
moment when she tells him about her worries and Ichabod tells him of his fear
of losing them to the 21st century because of their struggles. Their
moment is cut short when they run into Nevins and his partner in crime. Nevins is
frantic and demands them to give him Jenny otherwise his boss will be unhappy
and Ichabod assumes it is Pandora but Nevins tells them that his boss is
someone who will make Pandora seem like nothing but a homeroom teacher and he
then points a gun at Joe, threatening to kill him if they don’t give him Jenny.

Just as Joe is about to get shot
things make an unexpected turn. Atticus partner in crime actually turns out to
be undercover FBI agent Sophie Foster, who is working for Reynold’s, Abbie’s
superior. Furthermore the operation has been his idea all along and Abbie seems
devastated that she didn’t know about it at all. Agent Foster arrests Atticus
and tells Joe, Abbie and Ichabod to make a run for it and to find Jenny before
it’s too late. Much to their despair, they can’t find Jenny at all as it seems
like she’s escaped.


We see Jenny in Pandora’s cave
where she’s summoned Pandora and a hooded stranger. As Jenny walks up towards
Pandora and a hooded person and she is asked to kneel before him and he
ominously says “Behold my glory for I have arrived” and the last thing we see
is him holding a scythe in his hand.

Who is the hooded stranger worse than Pandora? I’m not great a greek mythology
but if that’s the direction we’re headed I would have to guess Hades or maybe
even Death? But Hades would make the most sense. What’s going to happen to Jenny?
She’d better stay alive so her and Joe can have a future together. I can’t see
them killing her off, it wouldn’t be in the style of the show but this episode
had a lot of surprising elements to it.

I’m a bit worried though because Sleepy Hollow is now set to air on Fridays and
we all know what that usually indicates. I hope it’ll go on for another season
at least, I think it’s got a lot of promising potential and characters and I
like how the supernatural is portrayed in it.

I can’t wait to see what happens next


Ichabod: “Sometimes it seems as though the unbeatable enemy, is the 21st




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