What do you do when death is right by your front door and you’re not ready for it? We will soon find out.

This weeks episode was pretty much another filler episode, everyone is still asking where is Father Gabriel? Just kidding nobody cares about him, everyone wants to know what is up with Glenn. But we won’t know the truth behind that quite yet.

We had one important development this week we will get to. We see Rick make it back to the compound just in front of a big part of the walker herd. He has some amazing cardio that is for sure, Deanna saw all the walkers and seemed to freeze up seeing what was coming. Rick and the group were talking about the plans and Deanna couldn’t handle the pressure. She was just playing house for the entire duration of the Apocalypse but she is realizing she is in over her head. She wants Rick to take over the leadership role.

Alexandria has a bunch of walkers at the wall and it appears that their sheer force is compromising the wall and they will breach it soon. Following with the topic of a breach, we got our first dose of female on female affection as Tara and the Dr. shared a kiss in the episode. I think we were actually supposed to feel surprised by it, but I personally wasn’t at all surprised that is finally occurred. Rick and Jessie rekindled the obviously spark they have with each other at the end of the episode. It has to be very weird to kiss and have a thing for someone who killed your spouse but it doesn’t seem like Jessie has any real issues about that. It is going to be very volatile to see how her son Ron takes to that, I believe that Ron wants to get close enough to Rick to kill him. I don’t think he sees his mom and Rick getting together and it will give him quite the shock.

If you follow the Walking Dead extensively you would know that something was happening with Maggie. Glenn didn’t let her go out on the walker quarry run, and if you watched the Talking Dead the producers said, “you might see Glenn, or parts of Glenn in the future.” Which further gave speculation to some that Maggie had a bun in the oven. Sure enough, as the Alexandrian’s started to write down names of the dead on the wall they added Nicholas and Glenn. Maggie was not able to accept that, and she wanted to go out to look for Glenn. Aaron noticed Maggie’s intentions and was not going to let her go alone. After Aaron showed her a better way to leave the compound they got stopped but some awesome water sewer walkers. After dispatching of those walkers they made the way to the exit, upon looking out they see that is is pretty over run with walkers. Aaron is all ready to go full speed ahead to look for Glenn, but Maggie gets cold feet and announces that she is pregnant! This obviously puts a quick and sudden end to this rescue/recovery attempt.