Hey folks! We’re back with another review of Gotham! Don’t worry, I’m a tad more emotionally stable this time around, and I promise I won’t start crying uncontrollably.


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We open with an interesting bit of insight to how Barbara’s mind has been working, when she has a dream about marrying Jim. At the dream wedding, everything seems perfect until the officiate turns into Penguin. ( I loved the unnecessary addition of the pencil mustache by the way.) Even Theo was in attendance, merrily playing the organ. Is this foreshadowing of Barbara’s intense lack of trust in most, potentially all people? Also, where is my big adorable lug Aaron? Did he die? I can’t honestly remember. Anyway! Theo announces to Barb’ that tonight is the night she gets to kill Gordon and thus an elaborate plot unfolds. Babs surrenders herself to the GCPD and tells Jim she has a surprise for him downtown. They eventually strike a deal…Jim, the task force, and Harvey will go with her, if in return, she provides answers. She agrees and once they’re good and far from the Police Department, they get ambushed and Barb’ kidnap Jim. At some point, Tabitha kidnaps Lee and takes her to a church, where Barb’ keeps them both hostage. She, in her rather beautiful wedding dress, first wants to Kill Lee, before convincing Jim that he wants to die and is only chasing death.


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She is eventually thwarted and attempts to escape. Jim chases her to the Church’s steeple tower and they get into a physical confrontation. It leads to the stained glass window being knocked out and Barbara falling through. Jim grabs her hand, but…UNFORTUNATELY, she lets go and falls anyway. FORTUNATELY, she survives with some broken bones and bruises.

Meanwhile, Theo is trying to convince Bruce to sell away Wayne Enterprises.  in return, he will give Bruce what he wants most, the information on his parents’ killer. Alfred, completely against it, tries to persuade Bruce out of it, and Bruce, in the end, doesn’t sign. Just after saying no, Jim, Harvey, and Captain Barnes arrive to arrest Theo. Barbara, at the time convinced Jim would die, told him where the Galavans were keeping Mayor James. While this is all happening in the city, Edward has taken a vacation to the woods. He put Ms. Kringle’s dismantled body in a chest, and after proceeding to find the perfect burial site, begins to enjoy a lovely picnic. But he’s interrupted by a Hunter who happens upon him. Eddie is forced to take drastic measures, and knocks the hunter over the head with a shovel. He leaves the area to get tools from his car and returns to find that someone or something has stolen his sandwich! The audacity of the woodland creatures! He tracks a trail of blood left behind the culprit to a very violent, but very weak Penguin, who only asks for help before passing out. Do I smell an early Penguin/Riddler team-up?! I hope so dammit.

All-in-All, this episode was action-packed, full of surprises, and as per usual, completely impressive.

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