When the synopsis of the episodes was released, this one piqued my interest the most at first. This episode takes place 30-plus years in the future from the outbreak, which is around 20-plus years from where the Walking Dead is at now(or it could be 30 years in the future from the current timeline, not quite sure.) After watching the episodes to this point, it slots in at spot 2 in the rankings. The episode with Alpha keeps that top slot.

I have been curious to see how things have changed and what has remained the same in the distant future. We spend our time with someone named Dr. Everett, who has been spending his days studying walkers. He has all sorts of gadgets, drones, and trackers. We see that he has put some devices on some walkers to study the movement. Later we find out that the world has essentially given up on this particular area by digging large trenches around this area. Without the presence of humans, the environment has been thriving. The trees and vegetation have been coming back in bright and vibrant, all sorts of animals have returned, and it is a thriving ecosystem, even with the presence of a large horde of walkers continually on the hunt for food.

Poppy Liu as Amy – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

A stranger has made her way into the area, and Dr. Everett has noticed her but doesn’t interject as it’s a part of his code to observe. Of course, that quickly is a lie when the woman is about to be eaten by some walkers, but one of the walkers she is fighting off is one that the Dr. has been tracking. After this, a lot of slow play between the two sides. He wants nothing to do with her. She is just trying to see if this place is habitable for her and her small group of settlers. They don’t like how life is like outside of this area, while he doesn’t want people to come and corrupt what is happening here.

A couple of notes, the Dr. stays in sort of a tree house. The walkers can’t seem to climb, which is something that we hear happens with the flagship show, but the Dr. believes that some of the walker behavior is very interesting. For instance, one that he tracks acts like a protector. He will walk ahead of the pack, killing an animal and then leaving it for the pack to eat. The Dr. helped the young women get healthy and abandoned her when he went to find his walker. He also didn’t try to jump in when the girl named Amy and her group was getting eaten by walkers, as he said it was part of the cycle. He quickly changes his tune yet again when the walker he is tracking is about to fall into the water. This guy is an absolute a-hole, to be quite honest. He doesn’t try to help Amy save or warn her party when he realizes they are currently set up right in the migration path of a walker horde. He only goes after the fact to see the damage and gather supplies from all of the dead settlers.

Anthony Edwards as Dr. Everett, Poppy Liu as Amy – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC