We open to the moment we left off previously when Nancy confronts her dad about her true parentage. Nancy she is screaming at him because he lied to her about it. She closes herself off in her room speaking to her dad through the door. Finally he goes in only to see she has left through the window.

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Everyone is getting a look or taste of the ocean and getting sand as a parting gift. Including Owen who was supposed to be the toll for the iglaka. The iglaka seems to have cursed them. Someone put a nail in each of Mr. Drew’s tires. Was it Nancy? Bess and Lisbeth have a date tonight. Nancy stayed the night with Owen. She is supposed to go with him to New York after the party tonight. The gang gets a hold of her at Owens. Nancy has a plan.

Nancy goes to Ryan for help. She gets his help on the condition that she help him. He is going to the free clinic in Trenton to see who was probably Lucy’s doctor during her pregnancy. He wants to find out about his baby as he believes she was pregnant. He threatens and tries to bribe. Nothing he says works. Nancy reveals to him that Lucy was pregnant and that her due date was late September but that Lucy was dead in August. She doesn’t reveal that she is the child.

Bess must break the date with Lisbeth. Aunt Diana won’t approve. Lisbeth is willing to face them with her. Nancy and Ryan are on the way to Aunt Diana’s party when the iglaka makes Nancy think she is losing her hair and that she is choking. As Nancy tells him about the ritual she needs help Ryan’s bad side comes out. Nancy loses it and he leaves her high and dry.

Nancy makes her way to the party and Bess shows up without Lisbeth. Ryan finds Nancy at the Marvin party and demands to know why she looks identical to Lucy. Nancy must tell Ryan that she is his daughter to get his help. George, Ace, Nick and Bess are completely confused. Nancy reveals the truth to them too.

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Does the ritual work? Does Nancy go to New York with Owen? Will Bess chose her family or Lisbeth? Let me know your guesses in the comments below. If you comment, I will answer. Til next week…