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Gotham Season 3 Returns!

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In the last episode of Gotham – the one right before a very, very, VERY long hiatus, we saw Bruce Wayne snap, and take his first tentative steps toward becoming The Dark Knight, as well as our first SERIOUS look at what The Joker could do. We also got to see Jim Gordon go through and resolve a LOT of issues. We see a lot of new relationships made, broken, and reformed, before the episode ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. But worry not, Gothamites, the 24th of April is upon us, which means Gotham returns! Tune into Fox at 8/7 Central to see what our young master Bruce and our favorite brooding detective get up to next!

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  1. My friend at Toronto Comic Con got David Mazouz to say, “I will not kill” when he posed with him for a pic…signed the words as well on a photo. Nice guy.

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