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WHAT a contrast to last week! I
can’t even begin to tell you how much I absolutely    L O V E D this week’s Supernatural.
I can easily say it was one of the best episodes I have ever seen and incredibly
unique in every way. The episode was called Baby and then entire episode was
set and filmed inside the Impala. The episode opens with the intro from Swan Song, telling us the history of the
Impala and how it has turned out to be one of the most important cars in the universe.
Now we all know that Baby is as much of a character as the boys themselves and
has been an equally important part of their journey since 2005. Baby has
endured many events, heartfelt conversations, fights, nearly been destroyed and
then rebuilt by Dean and a lot of other things so it was amazing to see an episode
more or less from the Impala’s own perspective.

Whilst there is a plot to the
episode, the plot wasn’t the most important part of the episode all. The
important part was Baby herself. Sam and Dean have a lead on a case that may
involve potential werewolves so they set off in the Impala. The episode becomes
almost a bit of a documentary setting because during all the times Sam and Dean
leave the car, the camera is still positioned inside the car so you only just
see and hear what goes on outside.


Source: Supernatural // CW

The episode had the layout of a
classic Season 1 episode, following a trial to a hunt and then taking out the
bad guys, which doesn’t turn out to be as easy as they originally thought.  At the very beginning of the episode, Sam and
Dean stop at a Roadhouse because Dean has agreed to hook up with a hunter from
the very first season; remember Hayley from the Wendigo episode in season 1?
Sam stays in the car and in the morning Dean finds Sam asleep in the car with
another girl. Sam is embarrassed and Dean makes fun of him for it. There’s a
wonderful moment when Dean puts on the song ‘Night Moves’ by Bob Seger and the
brothers sing along to it. Sam even changes the lyrics to “I’m in the backseat of my brother’s ’67 Chevy!”. This entire scene
gave me butterflies and just made me thoroughly happy. We got to see sides of
Sam and Dean we haven’t for many seasons and it was such a well done scene. I
like the throwback to Season 1 and Hayley the hunter because it gives us an
insight into what happens to others after the brothers help them and that they
aren’t just forgotten.

In a normal review, I would
follow through the events scene by scene in the episode but instead I’m going
to talk about some of my favourite moments and general thoughts on it. There were
a lot of bonding moments in this episode as well, at one point Sam falls asleep
whilst Dean is driving and wakes up to find a young version of their dad in the
driver’s seat. John Winchester tells Sam that the Darkness is coming and the
only ones who can stop it are them. He also tells Sam that this was never the
way he intended life to turn out for them and when Sam wakes up he’s back in
the car with Dean. He tells Dean about the vision, as he calls it, and tells
Dean about how he prayed for God to help him in the previous episode and how he
believes that maybe the person who took the shape of John Winchester was
actually god who had answered his prayer. Dean doesn’t believe him and tells
him it was probably just a very vivid dream and shares that he’s been having
similar dreams as well and they talk about it until they get back on the road.

There’s another wonderful moment
in the Impala when they’re on the phone to Cas who is still back  at the bunker getting better and Sam tells
him to “Relax and watch some Netflix” to which Cas replies “What’s a NetFlix?”.
It also brought back feelings of what the show was like when Cas was still
getting used to life on Earth.

In another scene, Sam and Dean
briefly have to park the Impala and much to Dean’s scepticism, it turns out
that this time it’s being valet parked. Whilst Sam tells Dean to ‘live a little’
Dean gives the keys to the valet girl who ends up taking the Impala for a spin
but eventually brings it back to Dean in one piece.

This episode really brought back
some more old school Supernatural moment and I adored every bit of it. The
moments when they make fun of each other and just joke around and help each
other through a case reminded me of what the show is truly about and it makes
me think that maybe this season might be the end of it all? But there are still
questions left unanswered. Who was the entity that visited Sam when he was
asleep? Was it really John Winchester’s spirit? Was it god? Or something else
entirely? Or was it just a dream?

I loved how we got to see what
the Impala really means to the brothers because without it they wouldn’t be
able to do much at all and how important it is for the show. This was truly one
of the best episode of Supernatural I have seen and I hope the rest of the
season keeps it up. I can’t wait for more.