Lost and Found, the season premiere of Supernatural was brought to you by the tears and heartbreak of the fandom. Ready to dive back in?

We pick up immediately where last season ended. Cas is dead. Crowley is dead. Kelly and Rowena are both dead, and Mary is in the (now closed-off) alternate universe with Lucifer. Oh, and “Baby Jack” is a grown ass man. Excited yet?

Dean finally leaves Cas’s body to see what the hell Sam is up to, and walks into the nursery after Jack confusedly asks Sam if he’s his father. Dean, never one to act irrationally, especially after losing someone he loves, shoots Jack. Jack doesn’t take kindly to being shot, and does his golden glowy-eyes thing, screams, and a slow-motion sound wave throws the boys against a wall. If that sentence confuses you, you’re not alone. We don’t have names for the tricks up Jack’s (non-existent) sleeves yet. Clearly I am the person who should pick them out. After getting knocked the fuck out by Baby Boy, Dean dreams of Mary burning again. It’s a combo of the night before and when he was a kid, and ain’t that a way to wake up. Dean and Sam shake off what is surely their 6,000th concussion, and head out to find Jack. I’m not sure how long they will last hunting now, without Cas there to unscramble their brains.

Jack, for his part, is out for a stroll– a nekkid stroll– when he happens upon a pirate themed fast food joint. The two doofy guys inside take a break from putting “butt” in all the menu items when they see the nudist asking their drive-thru pirate man if he’s his father. Butt Doof (AKA Clark) decides that it’s a good time to call his mom, who is also the sheriff. After ascertaining how naked said naked man is, Mom is on her way (My mom asks me this about all my friends, too). Mom, aka Sheriff Barker, comes and picks up nekkid Jack, taking him back to the station, along with Clark.

Dean and Sam are following the main road, hoping to find Jack before he blows up Chicago, assuming Jack doesn’t have wings. Sam tries to talk to Dean about the devastating loss they just suffered, and come up with a plan on how to handle The Jack Situation. Dean can’t even say the words “Cas is dead,” and his main plan is to 1.) Find Jack. 2.) Kill Jack. Sam doesn’t quite think this is the most logical plan, and I can’t really say I blame him.

Back at the Sheriff’s office, Jack is naked no more! Thanks to the (odd) taste of the town residents, Jack is decked out in some “normal in their own way” clothes from the lost and found. Sheriff Barker wants to know a lot of things about Jack, like his name and literally any information at all (Jack is Jon Snow, though, and knows nothing). Clark mostly just wants to know two things: How high Jack is, and where Clark can get some. I’m really starting to love this little friendship they have going on here. Jack tells Clark that he’s not stone, but he is hungry, and I imagine them skipping off to the breakroom, hand in hand.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean stop by the Pirate place on a hunch. Or, well, because it’s the first place on the main road. Sam insists on checking it out, while Dean mainly just wants to shoot things and brood. Sam goes in and finds a drunk chick begging for fries and the other Doof from earlier yelling at her to just eat some goddamn hashbrowns. Honestly, I’m Team Doof. Hashbrowns are golden ovals from Heaven. Sam asks Doof if he’s seen a naked dude walking around and, relieved to not be talking to a drunken fry fiend, tells him that he’s at The Station. Sam calls the sheriff and tells her to hold on to Jack til “the FBI” can come get him. Considering the messed up finger print she’s looking at from Jack, Barker has no problem handing this one off. Outside, Dean is storming back to Baby, bloody-knuckled and in the perfect mood to deal with Drunky McFry Zombie III, aka Miriam. She asks Dean about his hand and he broods. Then she launches into a story about punching her college roommate’s Frozen poster because “in the most feminist way” Becky is a super-bitch. Becky broke shit. Becky did whatever the fuck she wanted, regardless of whether or not  it hurt other people. Miriam is not a fan of Becky, or her fucking Frozen poster. Dean rolls his eyes and Sam once again saves the day by coming back with the lead they need and off the boys rumble.

The breakroom in the sheriff’s office is basically a Snickers commercial, because after eating a few candy bars, Jack is feeling much better. I can’t help it, Jack is growing on me. I really did not want to like him, but I do. I like Jack the way Jack likes nougat: it’s inexplicable and weird. No one understands it, but there it is. Jack shows Sheriff Barker his awesome party trick of zapping the vending machine which causes lights to flicker and candy to rain down, but the fun is interrupted by Angel Radio. Jack freaks out, being a newborn and all, and accidentally whammies Sheriff Barker against the wall while he runs, trying to get away from the screams in his head. He runs right into Dean, but before he can do anything, Sam tases him.

While Sam and Jack chill in a holding cell Sheriff Barker talks to Dean, who no longer gives any fucks. Too grief-stricken and probably just flat-out over it,  Dean just lays it all out there, no cover story need apply. He looks so tired. Not even tired, just world weary. Monsters are real, angels are real, he and Sam kill them. He’s not sure what all Jack can do, but he knows he’s not human. Sheriff Barker seems to be taking it fairly well. In the cell, Sam tries to reassure Jack that they don’t want to hurt him, which doesn’t ring as 100% honest, what with the whole “shooting him” thing. Jack confides in Sam that he’s not really sure what he can do, but any control he does have is gone when he’s scared. He tells Sam about the voices in his head, that they’re angry, and asks Sam to apologize for him. We also find out that he learned English from his mother (“I was her”) and that Kelly told him the world was too dangerous for a baby or a child, so he had to grow up fast, but his father was supposed to be there to protect him. Sam tries to tell him that “protecting” isn’t really Lucifer’s jam, when Jack gives him a weird look and says that no, Castiel is his father. Jack chose Cas to be his father. Sam then gets to break the news of Cas’s death. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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After talking to the sheriff, Dean goes to the holding cells to get Sam so they can find a nice quiet spot to kill Jack, but Sam says no. Sam reasons that Jack is just a kid and not evil, son of Satan thing notwithstanding. Dean is feeling many things right now, but reasonable ain’t one of them. Lucky for Jack (or more likely Dean), there is a commotion in the bullpen and he goes to investigate! Oh look! It’s Frenchie McFryFace! Clearly she is super cranky and hungover, because she has Clark’s throat at the end of an angel blade. Flanking her are two other angels (because of course they’re all angels) who we earlier saw scoffing at Cas’s corpse while searching for Jackie boy. The two back up angels head to the cell to get Jack while Miriam has the Bad Guy Monologue, which winds up basically just calling Dean “Becky.” Dean breaks shit, like Becky does, and so needs to die. Honestly, if I had to hear about Becky this many times, I too might welcome the sweet release of death, but Dean disagrees. Backup angels use their special walkie-talkies to tell Miriam that Jack is there, so she of course, stabs poor Clark in the gut. Sheriff Barker is now basically out of the fight, what with her son bleeding out on the floor, so Dean and Miriam face off. There are fisticuffs all around, as Sam fights the backups, and Dean has the main act. When Dean gets the upper hand, he asks Miriam what the fuck they want with Jack, which, really Dean? And she tells him that Jack can do almost anything. Dean’s hopes are dashed, though, when Miriam says that bringing Cas back ain’t one of the anythings. He is an ex-angel. He is bereft of life. Miriam then gets the jump on Dean, and goes after Sam, who has blasted the backup angels. Okay, my main question here is why the fuck Dean would believe this angel? I mean, if there is any hope of bringing Cas back, Dean would only fight harder, so why wouldn’t she tell him it’s hopeless? Wouldn’t it be more strategic to be like “Well, yeah we really want him, and he can do almost everything, including ripping a portal into another universe but bringing your bestie back from the dead is too hard.” Like Cas hasn’t died half a dozen times.

Miriam, encountering Sam, doesn’t seem too threatened by the “Other one” and decides to stab Jack in the heart with her blade once she realizes she can’t win. She doesn’t live long enough to see how pointless that was, though, since Dean gets stabby, too. Once Clark is sent to the hospital, Sam broaches the subject of bringing Jack to the bunker with them. Dean agrees, but only so he’ll be handier for the killing if Jack so much as sneezes. Dean’s reasoning is that, if they’re in the bunker at least Jack will only hurt them.

The three head back to the house where Kelly and Cas’s bodies are, and Sam asks Dean if he really wants to burn Cas’s body. Sam suggests praying, and Dean scoffs. We see a flashback to when Dean was waiting for Sam at the Pirate joint. He gets out of the car, walks somewhere alone, and literally begs God to bring Cas, and everyone else, back.

When he doesn’t get an answer, he beats the shit out of a door and begs one last time before heading back. Goddammit, it’s awful. Dean’s misery radiates off of him, and honestly I can’t see how anyone can watch this and still somehow maintain that Cas isn’t family, and that Dean and Sam don’t love him. I don’t get it. Anyway, back in the present, Sam takes Jack upstairs to say goodbye to Kelly. Dean, meanwhile, goes into the front room where Cas is laid out, covered reverently. He can barely look at his friend and tries to prepare his body, but has a hard time doing so.

At the pyre, Sam asks Jack if there is anything he wants to say, then explains what funerals are: A way to say thank you, and “I’m sorry.” A time to reflect and hope and say goodbye. Dean says goodbye to everyone, including Mary. Sam seems surprised, but Dean is certain that Lucifer killed her when they locked him away. They light the pyre and say goodbye. Jack seems confused, Sam heartbroken, and Dean looks completely empty.

But wait, there’s more! Just before we close out the episode, we get a little glimpse into the Alternate Universe, where Mary is running away from a creature with the power of flight. Lucifer jokes about killing her, but then says he’ll keep her alive for now because he needs her. Duh-duh-DUUUUH!!

Now, I’ve gone on a bit about Dean’s grief in this episode, but I want to take a moment to talk about Sam’s. Dean’s grief is a simmering, repressed anger. You can easily tell he’s heartbroken, but he’ll drink himself stupid and not talk to you. Sam’s sadness is much quieter and implied. You see bits of it in the restaurant when he sees the “Butt” signs, and flickers when he has to tell Jack about Castiel’s death. He is taking a backseat to Dean’s anguish right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Where his brother is reactionary and headstrong, Sam tends to put his pain on the backburner in order to keep Dean off the edge.

Okay so we’re BACK!! BRING ON SEASON 13!! How did you like the premiere?? Are you Team Jack? What are some things you want to see this season? Any old faces you want to come back?