You’re the Worst continues to excel in finding comedy in some of the most serious of issues – clinical depression, PTSD, divorce. In this episode, Jimmy wants to give Gretchen a good day. Her depression continues to be a source of pain for her, and, despite the fact that Gretchen told him last week that he can’t fix her, he wants to try. So he plans a Sunday Funday that only Gretchen will love (“I’ve tailored the activities to Gretchen’s perverted and morbid taste”), complete with a trip to the costume shop, a Hollywood Murder Tour and the world’s most terrifying haunted house. He convinces Edgar to take all the credit it for it, so that Gretchen is unsuspecting of his intentions. Unfortunately for Jimmy, his pride at providing Gretchen with a day she truly enjoys, gets in the way. At the end of the day, he admits that he planned the Spooky Sunday Funday as a tool for Gretchen to recover from her depression. Learning that Jimmy has done exactly what she asked him not to do – tried to fix her- Gretchen is livid.

Jimmy is well-meaning in this episode. But his ego seems to get the best of him. Gretchen was clear that her depression is not curable. Her hope is that he will accept her as she is. However, Jimmy does the opposite of what she asks. When Gretchen leaves, upset, Jimmy finds himself at the bar, flirting with the attractive owner.  Gretchen later shows up at the bar, pretending like Jimmy has succeeded at “fixing” her depression. With such a melancholy ending, I was left wondering, yet again, if these two characters will ever really open up to each other.

Elsewhere Edger continued to make progress in his relationship with Dorothy, but expressed concern that he will have to open up about his military history and his PTSD if they are going to make it to the next stage in their relationship.

And, in a rare win for one of these characters, Lindsay was able to overcome her own fears of failure, and moved back into her own home after she succeeded in taking the steps necessary to get her electricity turned on. One step at a time, Lindsay!

Favorite one-liners:

More money more problems .. That will be 5 dollars – Random stranger dressed like Biggie Smalls

It’s not about the jizz in my balls. It’s about the jizz in my brain. And in my heart. The jizz in my heart, Jimmy. – Edgar

Hey, we all get overwhelmed. If a problem seems too big, try breaking it up into smaller chunks. It’s called chunking. – Random stranger in the haunted house