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Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap “Halloween III”

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Now look here, just because a comedy is predictable doesn’t mean it’s not still hilarious. Right from the Boyle trick in the cold open to “Al” being on the roof at the end, I predicted it all. But these are the good kind of predictions; I wanted all of this to happen! If Boyle had just come back up the elevator and joined everyone else in their costumes, that wouldn’t be a classic Boyle prank! If Amy hadn’t pulled a fast one on Jake and Holt, then she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to prove that she is superior to all of them, and the way they left her out was wrong! Girl Power! She kicked their butts. Brooklyn Nine Nine is a fun, easy watch that never lets me down; it doesn’t need to surprise me.

I honestly can’t blame Jake and Holt for not trusting Amy…seriously though, who would she choose? I mean, she hasn’t been dating Jake for that long and Holt is basically her Sun and Stars *GoT reference*. If either man asked her for dirt on the other, she might’ve cracked. So she did the only thing that made sense: steal the crown out from under both of them! With no help, except for Hitchcock, but he may count as negative help. She definitely proved that she’s queen of the Nine Nine, and everyone else is just her subject.

Speaking of Amy’s subjects, Gina and Boyle crack me up together, so I’m excited to see how this brother-sister dating thing goes. My kingdom for a double date scene where Boyle and Genevieve act gross and Gina is appalled.

While this has been one of my favorite episodes in a while, can I just complain about one thing? Please? I had high hopes for Jake and Amy—I still do, but right now, I’m upset that we haven’t delved into their relationship a little more. This is the 3rd episode in a row that they’ve had separate storylines and their relationship was just mentioned in passing! Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to see how their relationship has affected the way they work together? I refuse to believe it’s just business as usual! Could we get a stake out or at least a full scene with the two of them?! I’m nervous that the writers are nervous about writing them as a couple, so they’re just letting their relationship simmer in the background. I’m not asking for raunchy scenes or anything, just some development! I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right?

Fingers crossed for more Jake and Amy next week! As usual.

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