OK let’s be honest with each other. You’re wondering my opinion on the big story line. Glenn is not dead, more on why I came to that conclusion later.

This episode really had to do with one thing, the herd’s splitting into two groups and all the havoc that caused. With the main herd that is still being led off by Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl we don’t have much to talk about. The main thing, is what in the world was Daryl thinking? Where was his head at? In the episode we had the node to Beth when it was said we all have a job to do. Daryl’s job was to help lead the herd 20 miles out away from Alexandria, He however didn’t stick to the plan and left Abraham and Sasha by themselves to try to go back and help fight off what was happening in Alexandria, except he actually never ended up anywhere. He just drove around and met back up with Sasha and Abraham like he was supposed too. We never see Daryl make questionable decisions like this and let’s hope it’s not a common theme going forward.

So we finally got to meet some Alexandrian’s, I use the term meet loosely, we were introduced to some in a previous episode with Heath. Of the 5 Alexandrian’s that we got to see more than an introduction this episode, only one survived to the end. Luckily for our group the surviving member is someone who has a real sense to him. If anyone wasn’t sure, it is becoming more obvious that the Alexandrian’s have been lucky to have survived for so long, they are not battle ready.

However Heath is a diamond in the rough, like Aaron is, he has spent time outside the walls and has a grasp of life their, and is able to adapt and understand much quicker when things hit the fan. It was symbolic when he was looking into his reflection of the water and seeing blood all over his face. Not knowing if the blood was his, walkers, or his friends, something that Michonne told him about earlier in the episode. I think Heath is going to be more hardened after this episode and will be a real asset to the remaining community.

Rick thinks he has it all figured out, but is quick to realize that he doesn’t. After trying to hard to get back to Alexandria to help fight off whatever was causing the horn, when he finally gets close enough to it he decides that if he does it’s for him and the town needs to figure things out on their own. At that moment he is jumped by some of the escaping Wolves, upon surviving that attack he notices baby carrot food in the pocket of one of the Wolves, and you can see it in his face he realizes that it is not just about the Alexandrian’s he has family to think about.

The most talked about topic this week, and likely for the next week as well as we are getting a Morgan flash back episode, is what happened to Nicholas and Glenn. Nicholas and Glenn were trying to start a diversion for the walkers so the group can escape and make it back to Alexandria. However they couldn’t fulfill their mission and got trapped between a fence with walkers behind it, and walkers in front of them in an alley. They ended up on top of the garbage bin. First off they passed some stairs on the way to the fence, they could have tried to get to higher ground at least.

So let’s talk about the scene and some different theories that have been going around. Theory one is that Glenn slipped under the garbage and is hiding underneath it safe. I would say based on replaying that over and over in slow motion, that is not true. The clearance of that is not high enough for him to fit, and if he did he would likely still be caught by the walkers.

Nicholas fell on top of Glenn and we see all his insides ripped apart. It’s plausible, we did see Nicholas fall on top of Glenn, at first we see the insides and blood come squirting out towards the upper chest area of Glenn, but later on he is squirming away and the blood and intestines are staying in the same spot. So it could be Nicholas is being torn apart, it is unlikely that Glenn is being torn apart but still able to move, and scream.

But this is my theory, we have seen a number of times where Nicholas is getting episodes of what appears to be Post Dramatic Stress Disorder. He freezes up, his eyes are getting bigger, he is tuning people out, everything seems to be going in super slow motion, this happened again when they saw Sturgis getting eaten by walkers. The whole scene starts to go super slow motion and weird. It goes into first person mode for a second from Glenn, but the scene never changes from slow motion and outside of the thank you and gun shot we never hear any other sounds. I am banking on that whole scene being a vision from Nicholas if he thinks what would happen if he was to commit suicide now. I think he or Glenn will snap him out of it because he is not that guy anymore. I think we will see them both still alive stranded on that dumpster. How they get out of that situation still has me stumped.

Tweet along with me on Twitter at 9 pm Pacific Time Sunday. We get to find out the backstory on Morgan after Clear. I am interested to find out how he is so zen now, and maybe we will find out how he knows of the Wolves previously.