Grey’s Anatomy left off with a midseason finale filled with cliffhangers. Here’s what you need to know:

Hackers have hacked into Grey-Sloan Memorial‘s system and have control over, well, just about anything. They are asking for 4,932 bitcoin, which we learn is equivalent to approximately $20 million. Bailey is advised by the police to not give in, but eventually she feels she has no choice. She calls up the Newly Ridiculously Wealthy Jackson, but he’s in a helicopter with Maggie, transporting a patient to a secure hospital. During turbulence, the patient’s blood bag tube comes loose and sprays blood everywhere.


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Alex’s patient, Frankie, has thick blood and needs to be on Vitamin K and heparin. With the hackers messing with the files, and a shift change, Alex isn’t sure if Frankie has already had his Vitamin K. If he hasn’t, injecting him with heparin would be dangerous. But too much Vitamin K would be dangerous for him too. He has to make a judgement call, but it could end so badly.

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The biggest cliffhanger is perhaps Jo’s cliffhanger. Rushing back to tell Alex not to give Frankie the heparin yet, Jo runs straight into her husband, Paul, who has found her now that she has filed for divorce. Sure, it’ll mentally mess with her, but she’s in the middle of a hospital filled with people. Unless he doesn’t care about prison and whips out a weapon, killing her abruptly, there’s nothing Paul can really do to her in that moment. Jo will be fine — don’t you worry.

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