For an episode that one would think to have the craziest story line to work with seemed to be very normal. The townsfolk got together to try to locate the missing girls. The girls which we all believe to have vanished. The townsfolk comes together to look for them and can’t find anything.

I was just kidding about the episode being normal, you should all know better by now. After the town can’t find the girls John does what any sane person would do. Not really he decides to go after the man who says he can see the future and told him that something bad was going to happen to him. He confronts him after picking up Kevin who was randomly in the creek looking for his cell phone. It didn’t go well at all for John as he ended up getting shot breaking into the man’s hotel room. John didn’t want to go to the hospital so they called his wife to tell him he got shot, she didn’t seem at all surprised or worried about it, and had a setup to remove the bullet from him. She knows that some serious things are going on, she seemed surprised that John and his crew started burning down houses, but everything else didn’t seem to phase her.

Kevin took the forefront of this episode. His dead imaginary friend is telling him all the information he doesn’t know he needs to know. Kevin as we know was in the creek around the time that Evie vanished, he lost his phone while in the creek, after he was part oft the rescue mission he knew he had to try to get any evidence of him being at the scene out of the area. So he went to go look for the phone at night when nobody else was around, he wasn’t able to find his phone until he started listening to his imaginary dead friend. Then she just started pouring on all the truths, and the thing is you could tell Kevin was believing what he was hearing. She told him that he tried to commit suicide, that he tied the rope and cinder block to his own leg, went to the edge and threw the block in, if it wasn’t for divine intervention he would be dead. She said that some people try to kill themselves for attention and some try to do it for real, and his attempt was for real.

That wasn’t the only bombshell she dropped on Kevin. She told Kevin, even though he didn’t ask, that yes in fact those girls disappeared and it happened again! The episode ends when we see the neighbor trying his best to peel off the sticker off the house that says it was a verified departure house!