Anyone who knows me at all will know that the Troughton Era of Doctor Who is my all time favorite. Therefore narrowing this list down was insanely difficult. However here are my top five episodes you should watch if you want to get to know this era of Who.

The Moonbase

Having just left Atlantis, the Doctor is trying to get his companions to Mars for a quick visit.Unfortunately the TARDIS has other ideas and they end up on the Moon just outside a base that is controlling all the weather on Earth. And is being sabotaged by Cybermen. Two of the four episodes are currently missing but have been recreated through animation.

Tomb of the Cybermen

The Doctor and his companions land on the planet Telos and discover a group of archaeologists trying to rediscover the Cybermen in this absolute Classic four part story. Lost until 1992, this story is high up on pretty much every list of all time amazing stories.

The Web of Fear

Only rediscovered in the last couple of years, the Web of Fear was the top of every Classic Who fan’s list of stories that we wanted them to find. And the fact five out of the six episodes now exist made a lot of dreams come true. And it lives up to all the hype. The TARDIS is trapped in a web spun by the Yeti in the London Underground and the Doctor and his Companions assist Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart to fight back against the Great Intelligence. This is the first story to involve Lethbridge-Stewart and is the precursor to UNIT which will become a major part of Who Lore.

The Mind Robber

After escaping a large lava flow, the TARDIS ends up outside of time and space itself inside a land that is entirely fictional. To do as the story has been written for you will turn you into a fictional character, trapping you inside the world forever. Jamie turns into a cardboard cutout of himself, only restored when the Doctor finds him and rebuilds his face from the variety of features he has been given (something that was totally not written in because Frazer Hines contracted chicken pox). Defeating the Master of this world is a lot easier said than done when you’re being chased by unicorns.

The War Games

Not a story to be watched all in one sitting unless you have excellent eyes that can deal with watching black ad white flashing lights for four hours. This ten part epic of a story follows the Doctor as he discovers that another Time Lord has been kidnapping people from the middle of wars in order to play out his own fantasy versions. Unable to deal with him alone, the Doctor is forced to call upon the rest of his race whom he has been running from for so long. In order to save the people who have been kidnapped and restore them to their own time, the Doctor risks losing his companions and himself.