Recap of HTGAWM Episode 4, “Skanks Get Shanked”

The show that consistently takes my breath away decided to kick me in the chest like a rogue horse this week.

I had an interesting conversation with my sister (also a HTGAWM fan) regarding the track and natural progression of it. We both agreed that we have NO IDEA who shot Annalise and/or killed ADA Sinclair. The tautness of the narrative this season is within the holding of secrets. In episode 1, it felt like a revelation when the viewer discovered Annalise’s law school girlfriend. Week after week, HTGAWM drops these bombshells of characterization that can leave us reeling (but intrigued nevertheless).

“Skanks Get Shanked” drops the anvil from the absolute starting point: we get the flash forward of Annalise shot once more, some images of her and the interns directly after and then the shock of a ringing phone. On the other end, Nia Lahey. As in NIA LAHEY, Nate’s wife. The ensuing meeting between the two can only be described as painfully mind blowing. Nia begs Annalise to end her suffering by providing her with a fatal dose of phenobarbitol. She draws on the guilt Annalise should feel regarding her and Nate’s affair to press her into obtaining the pills. The conflict on Annalise’s face is enough to fell a lesser person…and it almost does.

Lest we forget, Annalise is a criminal defense attorney-and a damn good one. The case of a 15 year old accused of brutally stabbing her BFF 50+ times is a sobering reminder of the times we live in presently. Although the girl Zoey plays up the innocent schoolgirl routine (which Connor falls for hook, line and sinker), Laurel sees through her facade. She calls a spade a spade-or in this instance, a sociopath a sociopath. While Connor jeopardizes the case (and loses it for Annalise), Laurel shows more and more that she’s in it to win it.

The twists and turns will continue with HTGAWM while the clockwork o’crazy continues to spin round and round.

Favorite Lines:

“What’s the matter? You don’t know how to use your boobs?”

Annalise to Michaela

“No way. I’m not gonna let you become the crazy ex who stalks doucheface.”

Frank to Bonnie