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I’m annoyingly a bit behind on Neighbours at the moment, so I can’t write about the most current story lines. I’m also currently incapable of forming one long coherent thought (a bit like Kyle), so instead here are a few random observations about some of the happenings on Ramsay Street.

Roxy’s Dirty Protest

I’m yet to warm to Roxy, but I am enjoying her and Leo doing everything within their powers to annoy Paul and Terese. So far Terese is dealing with them better than Paul is, but then I think I’d have lost it if someone had used my clothing to wipe cat poo out of a shoe as well. This story line had an added bonus, in that we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Clementine for months, so it’s good to see some proof of life. My favourite thing was where Roxy said using Paul’s (no doubt designer) shirt to clean up the cat’s poo was an honest mistake. What, you used Paul’s designer shirt to clean it up instead of the regular poo-cleaning shirt that we usually use? Roxy needs to go to Elly for some lessons on how to lie and concoct more believable excuses.

neighbours roxy

Zima Anderson as Roxy Willis. PHOTO: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Kyle’s Gratuitous Butt Shot

We got to see a lot more of Kyle when Chloe bought him a new tool belt and he decided to model it for her with his butt out. Any time anyone gets their butt out on Neighbours it almost definitely means they’ll soon be running starkers through someone’s back garden or the Lassiters complex. There’s precedent for this that dates all the way back to the golden era of Henry Ramsay. This was no exception to that rule, with Kyle and Chloe having to make a mad dash out into the back garden to avoid getting rumbled by “Azza” (dear god, can everyone stop calling him this?) and Paul. Fair play to Kyle for getting so angry at Paul when he eventually found out about all his dodgy dealings though, I really didn’t think he had it in him.

I’m Concerned About Finn’s Forehead

Finn used to do evil smirks, but now he does a lot of sad frowns, and I’m worried about the effect they’re going to have on his forehead. He’s going to get a tension headache and some serious wrinkles. Someone maybe needs to show him a few facial exercises.

neighbours finn

Finn doing his best sad face. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy


I’m running out of words to describe the utter disaster that is Elly’s life right now. She has such a hectic schedule of lying to everyone all day long that I don’t know how she ever gets the time to go to work, but she does somehow find the time to turn up and attempt to do some teaching, in between being blackmailed by one of the most irritating kids who’s ever gone to Erinsborough High. I just don’t see how they can ever bring Elly back from this, because she’s going to have nobody to turn to when all her lies eventually get uncovered. Even Susan might wash her hands of her at this point, and she goes in to bat for attempted terrorist psychopath amnesiacs…

neighbours elly mark

Elly, the human disaster © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Is Kirsha OK?

Has anyone seen Kirsha? Is she alright? Did she fall down that well that Daniel and Imogen got trapped in? I know actors sometimes have to take time off, especially the younger ones who are still at school, but did I miss the Rebecchis making reference to where Kirsha is and why we haven’t seen her for so long? If not, then the writers kind of need to address it, even if it’s just one line of dialogue, because I’m growing seriously concerned that the equally absent Clancy might have eaten her.