So once again Annalise falls for the governor’s lies. Why does she keep believing her? And Tegan even reminds her so I don’t even see why she gives her the time of day. Now, she has to figure out what the truth is and she is going to flirt her way to the truth I guess. Emmett however doesn’t fall for it and does a complete 180 and gets a little scared. The governor sure knows how to play Annalise and stir her up. Because now she is focused less on her and more on Emmett and figuring out his role in everything.

The gang is working to try and get Oliver’s computer back. They have no idea how to do that and Laurel is looking for her mother and seeking agent Telesco’s help. But she has to give her something before Telesco will help her. She has a huge choice to make. Then Annalise tells Nate, and when they compare notes they know for a fact that it was Emmett, but is it?

Gabriel is I don’t know, what is his deal? How does he know for a fact that what they have said about Sam isn’t the truth? He met the man like once when he was little and now he cares. They should have introduced him earlier. And why is he coming to Annalise for help with his mother like it is her responsibility. Is Annalise supposed to feel guilty for Vivian Maddox, either way its too late now. Annalise then decides to send Michaela over to Gabriel’s to watch him, I guess. They end up getting into it because Gabriel thinks Michaela is lying about her birth parents. He feels like she should find her birth parents like

Laurel enlists Frank’s help in tracing the phone calls she received that she believes is from her mother. Once she is home she sees Bonnie, now mind you she has literally been mad at Bonnie for 13 episodes. I get it, but its so old now like let it go. They sort of make up I guess and then they are interrupted by having to go to court for the laptop.

Emmett is confronting Tegan about her Jane Doe status and she lies about it and he lets her in on a little secret that he is running for DA and she could be next in line for his position. Which of course Tegan shares with Annalise. Which makes Emmett look just that much more guilty. The governor’s plan is working like a charm. What exactly does Emmett have to gain by killing Nate Sr? That part just doesn’t make sense to me at all. We know who killed Miller, so what would he have to gain from that? And what does Annalise do? She falls for it and wastes her time looking into Emmett.

Long story short on the laptop situation. Oliver gets his laptop back and I guess everything is OK because after he wins his motion, they don’t discuss it again. Nate gets some evidence on who visited Nate Sr. Its a grainy picture though and they can’t tell who it is. Annalise gets the info from Nate and agrees to a date with Emmett to try and get some more information. Especially since Tegan found some more evidence on him that makes him look guilty. Needless to say the date does not go well, and they pit bull she should be towards the governor she is using on Emmett.

Nate sends Bonnie to the warden to get video footage of the meeting with his dad to see who is sitting at the table………………………………..And it blows everyone’s world apart. It is Laurel’s brother, Xavier Castillo. And Laurel gets a package too, looks to be her mother’s scalp in a bag.