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Scandal 4×04 recap “Dog Whistle Politics”

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It’s not about doing the smart thing. It’s about doing the right thing.

Sexism. Misogyny. Racism. Dog-Whistle Politics. These issues ran rampant through last week’s episode of Scandal. Since coming out as Fitz’s mistress, Olivia has dealt with constant persecution from the media and the general public, and Fitz is on the verge of being impeached. With all of that going on, I never would have guessed that “Dog-Whistle Politics” would end the way it did.

Let’s start off by talking about Jake (and Charlie!!!). He went to talk to Rowan about “Lazarus One”, which is (supposedly) Rowan’s plan to steal paintings from the Louvre and sell them on the black market. Rowan was being a pompous ass, as usual, so Jake was just like ‘Fine, jackass. I’ll figure it out all by myself because you’re too arrogant and always leave a trail’ (not a direct quote).  So he took Charlie to Paris and they met up with a former (B613?) agent named Elise, who Jake used to be “married” too. They have some complicated history, but it looks like we might have that love interest for Jake now! Good. You get yours, babe.

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You know who’s still not getting hers? Mellie. On her first day as the Junior Senator of Virginia, she met with a committee of women who want to impeach Fitz. Fun first day, right? At first, she was like ‘no way I just played hide and seek with Fitz and Teddy!’ (Who else forgot about him?) But then later she was like ‘eh wtf might as well’. As if Mellie doesn’t already have enough to deal with, she’s gotta deal with that bitch baby Cyrus too. Was anyone else screaming at the TV when Cyrus ranted to Mellie about her son vs. his “son”? Are you serious buddy? You do not tell a mother, “hey at least your son is dead and safe in the ground! I really love this grown man and I kind of see him as a son, but I hate him and I want to impeach him but nobody else should be able to treat him like that.” First of all, that doesn’t make any sense. Second of all, you are a son of a bitch and so disrespectful. Third of all, thank God Mellie kicked him out. Can he please stay away this time?

At P&A, Quinn hired Marcus—and used the Harrison “Gladiator in a suit” spiel  (Throwback!)—and he is seriously awesome. While Huck and Quinn were basically sitting around doing nothing, Marcus stepped up and defended Olivia to the wicked press. Then he trained Huck and Quinn to do it too! I hope he sticks around for a while—because P&A is swamped and they need some fresh blood.

Finally, let’s get to the core drama of the episode, Fitz and Olivia. While Liv was trapped in her apartment surrounded negative criticism, Fitz’ entire presidency is crumbling down because some stupid old white men are sick of how progressive he’s being. The main stupid old man, Gibson, is pretty much extorting Fitz; his terms? Recall the Brandon bill or get impeached. But the Brandon bill is Fitz’ legacy, so he did the first smartest thing he’s ever done and went to talk to Abby. And he actually talked to her kindly, and used her name. Finally. They decided that they’re sick of doing the smart thing, because it never does them any good. It’s time to do the right thing. So Fitz took his motorcade over to Olivia’s—surrounded by the press—and picked her up and took her out on a date. I have no idea what they are expecting to get out of this, but I would assume this is Fitz’ way of saying ‘Bring it on grumpy old white men! If you want to impeach me, just do it! But you’ll never disrespect my lady or take away my bill!’

Source: Scandal/ABC Edit: TGON

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